10 Blessings and 10 Reasons to Join Yoga Nidra

yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is bliss for your brain, and it tends to make you relax from within. This form of yoga helps you quite the mind; thus, you find eventual peace.
Once a yogi said –

if you start your day with yogic sleep, you will actually begin the day by energizing your body, calming your mind and enriching your soul.

Note: Here, yogic sleep is referred to ‘Nidra Yoga’.

10 Unique Reasons to Practice Yogic Sleep:

1.You can achieve inner peace; something hard to buy

2.You can attain the equilibrium between your conscious and unconscious mind; thus, a sense of harmony prevails within

3.Nothing in yoga is as relaxing as this form; it’s actually yoga of relaxation

4.It’s an introspection of your existence in silence and induced sleep

5.The yoga of inducing sleep is an inward journey through subtle bodies

6.It’s the art of conscious healing and self-elevation

7.The stress is eradicated on regular practice of yogic sleep
8.Yoga nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of conventional sound sleep; it simply means you can now fight off the most common sleep disorder known as insomnia

9.It is a combination of relaxation, meditation and sleep for busy men as well as busy women

10.The inner chambers of mind are opened, the soul is transformed and the body is rejuvenated

These 10 reasons should tempt you to join nidra yoga classes as early as possible. Diya Yoga, founded by ‘Meera’ is one of the best yoga retreat center to unwind self, learn yoga nidra, and practice hatha yoga.
Nidra in ‘English’ means sleep, and even science approved of the fact that sleep is good for body rest, enhancement of immunity, as well as overall relaxation. Thus, this form of yoga brings lot of benefits if practiced regularly.

10 Blessings of Nidra Yoga:

1.The practice gives better relaxation, rest, and composure then sleep. This yoga completely refreshes your body and makes it strong.

2.It eradicates depression, anxiety and fear. The reason being, it has profound impact over our mind, and it can channelize the mind for self-improvement.

3.After few sessions or classes, practitioners and beginners have witnessed better sleep at night. The quality of sleep is also satisfactory and an absentia of nightmares.

4.It helps to grasp and learn quickly; as mind becomes sharp as well as develop ability to imitate or remember.

5.The best part is it enhances your memory. It also shows remarkable improvement in your level of concentration.

6.It’s very successful in dealing effectively with diseases or disorders like ‘insomnia, hypertension, migraine, ulcers, digestive disorders, and even asthma’. Thus, it’s a must for every urbanite and anyone interested in health or yoga.

7.It gives relief to your coronary system; thus, it reduces chances of heart attack or makes your blood vessels strong for healthy body.

8.If you’re stressed, you should practice nidra yoga every day; as it’s helpful in eradicating it.

9.The psyche is channelized and harbored; thus, you will become more intuitive as well as it will help in taking right decisions.

10.The last not the least blessing is it gives eternal power to your mind and you can unblock the hidden potential.
Have no second thought, but join yoga nidra.