100 hours of yoga teacher training: How to become a perfect yoga practitioner?

Yoga Teacher Training Diya Yoga 2019

India is the origin of yoga. It is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that helps one to stay healthier and happier.

There are several yoga devotees present and dream to become a yoga instructor. Though everyone chooses the different path of being a professional to learn yoga 100-hours yoga teacher training is an ideal option for you where you can learn the basic technique of Hatha yoga

Choosing the right program 

To learn about yoga you should select registered programs. There are several numbers of courses available from several intensive hours a day courses to courses that run for months. It just a matter of your preference which one you choose. Getting certification in Yoga is much more than just fulfilling formalities. So, 100 hours of yoga teacher training is an ideal course for you to have deeper knowledge of yoga.

If you are a person who does not have time for a whole month for the teacher training you can do it in 2 parts, 100 hours is the first part of it. Every school has a time limit where you can finish the rest of 100 hours and get the teacher training certificate of yoga alliance.

Yoga training guide 

  1. Learn basic of Hatha

During this 100 hours of training you will get to know the details of Hatha sun salutation and basic asanas of Hatha in the first week, the second week is all about vinyasa. Learning to have a vinyasa flow in your asana practice 

  1. Learn to breathe 

Yoga is not just all about repeating asanas. It also requires breathing techniques and medications to reach balance level. Breathing helps you in improving your blood flow which is helpful during yoga practice. Also, you will learn basic pranayama during the course.

  1. Philosophy

During this course, you will learn about the eight limbs of yoga and how to apply chakra anatomy in your daily routine. This subject is very interesting with practical examples and exercise with details knowledge of philosophy

  1. Try new styles and discover yours 

You will also get to practice the yin style for a bit so you have enough style to find out what style is that you would like to go deeper into practicing yoga It is time to understand yoga and meditation along with who you are and what is your style through 100 hours program.

Conclusion: A yoga teacher is not the one who performs all yoga postures but he/she is the one who can inspire the students towards yoga. Join 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from diyayoga to learn not just yoga postures but everything that requires to become a yoga practitioner