11 Philosophies of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour yoga teacher trainiing

11 Philosophies of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, says the foundation of great yoga teacher lies in the fact of being a great yoga student.
Yoga is often considered as the light, which illuminates everyone it touches, and it never fades away. The more one practice yoga, the better one becomes.

A Yogi’s View on Yoga Teacher Training:

Yogic practices is not a religious rituals, it’s a science aimed at well-being of self.
Yoga teacher training’s motto is to spread the science of ‘well – being, youthfulness, and integrating 3 aspects of existence’.
The yoga teacher training is specifically aimed at bringing holistic healing to our ‘body, mind, and soul’.

Philosophies 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

1.It helps in finding the answers you seek; it never appears, when your mind is unsteady.

Note: Yoga ensures stillness of mind, for answers to come.

2.It’s a journey of discovering self, through the self, towards the self.

Note: Thus, yoga is about self-realization.

3.It’s about accepting self, tolerating one’s dark side, and enjoying the consequences of your existence.

Note: Therefore, yoga is being you.

4.It helps in calming your mind. It’s mind, which is chaotic, changeable, and not fixed. It’s not your body, which is stiff, but your mind.

Note: Yoga brings composure to your mind. Thus, yoga makes your mind free.

5.Breath is wandering in nature, if it can be controlled, your mind will be yours. If you can control your mind, than peace is everlasting.

Note: Yoga teaches the art of controlling breath.

6.A small action has an enormous result. It’s therefore, necessary to practice every day.

Note: Yoga teaching can bring the best out of you; and help you find your final destination.

7.You should ardently study the asanas. It is not about mastering its different postures. It’s about using the different postures to bring goodness in your life.

Note: Every asana has an aim. The aim of yogic asanas is to understand and transform self.

8.One’s ability to control inner self, bring contemplation, peace, happiness, and balanced growth. The first step is to ignore what goes outside.

Note: Yoga gives you the opportunity to control, what goes inside.

9.Emotions are the basis of your thoughts; positive emotions will transmit positive thoughts, and negative emotions will result in negative thoughts.

Note: Yoga helps you to develop healthy emotions and strong expressions.

10.Letting go is the toughest part of asanas and yogic practices.

Note: Yoga is the magical and powerful tool, which helps us to adapt self – acceptance.

11.Not every question can be answered by ‘Google’. There are many, which need contemplation of highest order to enlighten self.

Note: Yoga teaching courses will help you seek answers to all your questions. Meditation will confirm it.
The essence of a good yoga teacher lies in, how you transmit the science of self – healing amidst others.
200 hours yoga teacher training motto is to make you the master of Yoga.
Diya Yoga believes, in teaching others we teach ourselves.