3 Secrets of Chakra Yoga to Balance Your Life

chakra yoga

Life is full of unexpected instances, and plagued with problems. In, this contemporary world where competition and materialism is front runner, you need to be at your toes.
To prepare one’s inner contradictions, in accordance with the expectations of the mundane world seems a bit uphill task. Is there any secret?
The secret lies in balancing of the chakras of your body. The imbalance of energies, often results in blockage for a person to reach his fullest potential. The only way out, is to do yoga asanas to reach a level of contentment.

Rules to Follow while Balancing Chakras:

1.  You need to note the experience daily

2.  Keep your hand written notes simple and precise

3.  Always note down the changes you feel every day in your body, mind and inner self

4.  Try to identify the change in energy, is it ‘calmed or composed or clarity of thoughts or clear communications’

5.  Tracking your changes will let you know yourself better, and help you in building unified conscious and sub-conscious mind

Muladhara (Root Chakra):

The color Red represents this chakra
Earth element is dominant in this chakra
The sound of this chakra is ‘Lam’
One interesting aspect of this chakra is it rules your basis of survival, belonging to a root, carrying a legacy, and family ties. If this chakra is not balanced or unlocked, it can lead to low confidence, destructive behaviors, and a sense of insecurity.
If you strengthen Muladhara with Vrksasana, it will provide confidence, strength, and make you care for self.

Svadhisthana (Sacral or Pelvic Chakra)

The color Orange represents this chakra
Water element is dominant in this chakra
The sound of this chakra is ‘Yam’
The focus of this chakra is to infuse ‘fluidity, creativity and fertility in us; it also rule over our reproductive as well as sexual organs. Thus, it has the power to procreate. The sacral chakra gives you pleasure of life, feeling of abundance, and deserving. If, it gets imbalanced then one may suffer from creative block, negative changes in hormones, emotionally erratic, unstable thoughts, and punishing self.
To make it balanced in your life, you should practice ‘Deviasana’ as it will provide you with creative intelligence, creative thinking, positive attitude, and receptive to pleasure or feel or change.

Manipura (Navel Chakra)

Element : Fire
Color : Yellow
Sound : Ram
Life theme :
The color Yellow represents this chakra
Fire element is dominant in this chakra
The sound of this chakra is ‘Ram’
This chakra makes us action oriented, active, and productive in life. It gives us the reason to be alive and keep going. If this chakra is disturbed you will be fearful or not so courageous, low in confidence, and life will be still. The pace of life will be hauled. The need of hour is to practice Navasana to invigorate the inner power, eliminate your fear, and have the courage to take risks or decisions.
In our next blog, we will mention about the balancing of other chakras…