3 Yoga Pose for Weight Loss in 2020

3-Yoga-Pose-for-Weight-Loss in 2020

Starting your day with yoga helps not only to stay relaxed and healthy but also helps to lose weight speedily. Here we have discussed the top 5 easy yoga poses, which help to burn fat quickly and build the muscle. It also improves your day and makes you feel flexible.

Sun salutation 10 rounds:

Commonly known as Surya Namaskar this yoga pose is of 12 different steps which are an ultimate stretching and flexible posture. Regular practice, 10 rounds helps to gain spiritual knowledge as well. Practicing Surya namaskar calms the mind and enables to think.


The pose that makes you seated forward and bend has a deeply calming effect on the nervous system. It helps to get relieved, stay stress-free, and also helps to cover up mild depression.

Tip: To practice Pashimotsana get seated on the floor, stretch out legs straight and keep your spine erect. Toes will be flexed towards you.
Raise your arms straight over the head breathe in and stretch up and as you bend forward, breathe out and extend your torso, by keeping the spine erect.

Dhanurasana Pose

In bow pose, as you lie down on your stomach, you make your body form the shape of a bow. Use your hands to hold the feet (ankle) to stretch out. The hips should be parallel, knees up and chest up.

Stretch the arms tightly, breathe in and hold for 15 seconds. Bring your chest and legs back on the ground, release your ankles and relax. Repeat a few sets for better results. More on Dhanurasana


Shoulder stand is a yoga pose wherein the body is balanced on the shoulders. It is a part of the Padma Sadhana yoga where the neck gets locked. This yoga result in the blood flow gets reduced toward the head and the neck. It benefits those who have low blood pressure. The blood flow increases in the lungs and also helps in the recovery of respiratory disorder.

Tip: Before practicing opening up your muscles by doing a few others poses. Simple neck or lower back exercises can be easily done before getting into the shoulder stand. It helps to get relief from spinal stiffness before performing Sarvangasana.

Bhastrika Pranayam

It is an important breathing exercise known as cleansing action. It is a popular form practiced along with Kapalabhati.

Tip: Start with seating in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and take a deep breath. It helps to fill your lungs with fresh air and then releases (breath out). Repeat this for 5 times and practice the inhale and exhale technique

Doing the house core only not helps you to lose weight; instead, it makes you weak. Weight loss is a game of proper diet and regular yoga practice. During this lockdown, more number of people are dedicated and focused on losing kilos. If you are also the one in the list get in contact with the Diya Yoga – as they are offering online classes which helps you to stay fit and healthy.