4 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginner to Decrease the Mental and Physical Stress

Simple Yoga Poses for Beginner to Decrease the Mental and Physical Stress

Yoga is considered as the means to attain concentration and inner peace all over the world, though its origin is rooted in Hinduism and therefore in India. Primarily, it was the technique of the Hindu monks to follow their desires to concentrate and meet with the Almighty in this pathway. There are different levels in this practice that can take a human being to a higher plane of spiritual life. It is welcomed in the lives of common people to attain the concentration to deal with the pressure and stress of regular life. Here is a brief discussion on the Yoga poses for the beginner.

The popular poses that beginners can attain

It is already told that there are certain levels in this practice and the levels are the matters of dedication and perfection as they lead to the mighty feelings and elevation of the human soul. Therefore, beginners should try from the base level. If they can have success at the base level, then it will be easier for them to attain the other ones as well. The base level poses for this practice are-

  • The Shavasana:  This ‘Asana’ is meant for relaxing and preparing the body for any of the poses in this practice. Therefore, before and after every pose, this ‘Asana’ must be performed. It keeps the body straight and makes the minds also prepared for the upcoming performance.
  • The Tadasana: This is one of the Yoga poses for the beginner. In this one has to stand on the flat feet and have to feel the earth below the feet. One has to lift the quadriceps to lift the knees. Along with this the inner thighs also have to be lifted keeping the shoulders straight.
  • The Vajrasana: This one is specially meant for the physical fitness that increases the capacity to digest superbly. In this posture, one has to sit on the knees and rest the buttocks on the heels, while the hands will be placed straight on the thigh.
  • The Bhujangasana: In this posture, one has to curve the spine and the back part of the body in form of a half moon. At that time the face and the palms will be lifted with the snakes. It is helpful to reduce the unwanted belly fats actually.

This Yoga poses for the beginner are simple but helpful to attain primary fitness of the body and mind. Therefore, they should be performed in the base levels of this practice.

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