5 Essentials While Performing Yoga in summer

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Yoga is not just about asana and pranayam but it has gradually become lifestyle because of its numerous benefits. With the increased levels of stress among people, a need for yoga has arisen. Yoga and meditation not only helps to maintain a healthy body but also a balanced mind. It provides benefits not just to a particular section of people but to everyone be it the students, adults, corporate, old people, etc. However the types of yoga performed for different groups are not similar. It depends upon the difference in lifestyles and work performed by different individuals. Yoga also helps to increase flexibility, improve respiration and energy, to reduce weight, increase muscle strength, maintaining a balanced metabolism, etc. Lets check out 5 essential Yoga in summer season

Move out for Yoga Festival in Summer

It would be very interesting and Yoga in summer to participate in yoga festival. One can find so many Yoga festival and the idea of performing yoga in outside is brilliant. Here you will get to know the nuances of Yoga and meditation in life. This is the best chance to connect with your inner space because we know that yoga provide you not only external power but it also energize you internally.

Wear light cloths and pack Light bag

When you going to attend Yoga festival, workshop or event; make sure that you have suitable pair of outfit with you. It is also suggested that don’t over pack your bag, stay light and carry only important things which you would need during the yoga workshop.

Protect Your Skin

We know that the scorching season of summer is very difficult to tackle. In this season it is a challenge to maintain the smoothness of your skin. You need to protect your skin from scorching sun, lest you skin get dullness. It is advised to apply sunscreen or moisturiser so that you can perform yoga fearlessly.

Drink Lots of water

Water is definitely the main source of life and in this season of summer we should drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water so that we can prevent our body in dehydration. You should double the amount of water because probably in performing in Yoga, stretching and sweating is common and then it becomes essential to stay hydrated.

Early Rising and performing Yoga

In the season of summer it is ideal to wake up early before sun rises so that you can perform yoga easily, because the climate before sun quiet pollution free and pleasant. The refreshing breeze during the early morning is boon for our health and it helps to do yoga and exercise easily.