5 Reasons to do Sun Salutation on Daily Basis


Yoga as we know the rich heritage of India and it is worldwide physical and mental technique to keep your body and mind fit and healthy. Besides having numerous health benefits, most of the people overlook the importance of yoga. If you are not able to take time for full-time yoga on every day, don’t worry because Sun Salutation is a magnificent way to keep you aware of the immense well being. However, make sure that you are doing this splendid exercise consistently. Take at least 20-30 minutes practice daily and you will observe positive changes in terms of activeness and fitness
It’s not difficult as it seems, all you need to start with 4 to 5 repetitions and end with 12 rounds. Finish your practice with Savasana and feel focused and enthusiastic for the whole day. If you are not aware of the Sun Salutation benefits here are five good reasons to start Sun salutation on a daily basis.

It helps you focussed and calm

Calmness is a great thing and this is the best way to deal every opposite situation. The more you are calm in nature, the more you get the strength to tackle with unfavourable circumstances. Sun Salutations poses in the morning will make your mind calm and focused. Every day you wake up in the morning will feel centred and grateful because the anxiety will be disappeared. Sun Salutation as the name refers is to pay respect to the sun, but that doesn’t really mean that you have to move your face towards the sun. By doing this yoga technique your mood and body will be energized.

Daily Practice makes flexible your body

Practice Sun salutations every day gives flexibility to your body. By doing this, we can easily analyze our body and its requirements. Make your body engaged in this amazing exercise and feel rejuvenated. It is the best way to respect your body because you will get to know the different phase of the body where someday you will feel supple and able and on the day, you can feel rigid and exhausted. However, keep practicing in any way.

Boost Energy Level of your body

Undoubtedly, sun salutations are the best ever method to energize your body, mind, and soul. The daily practice of this yoga technique with slight changes in rounds and repetition can help your blood circulation and purification. Moreover, it will keep your lungs healthy and maintain your digestive system perfect. This practice also boosts the imperative energy of ‘Prana’ in your body that eventually abolish energy obstacles. Consistent sun salutation practice supports your heart health and energizes your physical strength.

Great way to experience Mediation

Sun Salutations are a range of asanas equipped with breath. Whenever you move from one asana to another to breathe, the mind gets connected with breathing, that is the ideal condition to experience the mediation during the practice.

Tone muscles and make it more Stretchable

Daily practice of sun salutations bestows suppleness and power in the body. It helps to open the blockage of shoulder, hamstrings and chest. It helps in eradicating stress out of your mind. Gradual moves with different poses led you to maintain the lubrication of the joints that definitely helps to enhance the flexibility muscles. It is also beneficial for spine flexibility, which is very important for overall health.