5 Secretive Golden Niyamas of Yoga – Rules for Transforming Life

Yoga is a practice to strengthen your body, concentrate your mind and superiority of your soul. But, yogic practices need to be followed rigidly for getting the maximum benefits of the yoga.

There are certain rules, in Sanskrit known as ‘Niyamas’ for doing yoga rightly and getting the maximum benefit. Today, the yogi from ‘Diya Yoga’ will reveal the secrets of yoga, which can be termed as ‘5 Golden Rules / Niyamas of Practicing Yoga’.

Note: The first reason to follow these 5 rules going to be revealed, will actually take you closer to your goal of wellness, goodness and higher evolution.

Before, we talk about the Niyamas, let’s understand what actually is ‘Niyama’.
Niyama is nothing but a series of actions; they are focused on yamas; whereas the yamas speak about the ultimate truth, which can be reached by concentrating on Niyamas. Yamas talks about the don’ts of yoga and Niyamas talks about ‘how to practice and what to practice’.

5 Secrets and Golden Rules of Yoga:

1.  Shaucha (Purity)

2.  Samtosha (Contentment)

3.  Tapas (Self – Discipline)

4.  Svadhyaya (Self – Study)

5.  Ishvara Pranidhana (Dedication)

Elaborating the 5 Niyamas of Yoga mentioned in the Upanishads and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.


It is entirely focused on purity, cleaning, and sinless. Shaucha is just not about cleaning your body every day or cleaning your surroundings. It stresses on purifying self, one’s inner conscience and make oneself ready for spiritual progress.
It works with the impurity of mind, developing spiritual inclination, and befogs your path to true wisdom.

Yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation are best way to keep our body, mind and soul ‘Shaucha’. This way you prepare your body to receive positivity, optimism, strength, and healing power.


It’s one of the main concepts of ‘Niyamas’ and it focuses dos and don’ts of yoga and happiness. It guides you how to be happy with what you have, and what not to cry for. Thus, it brings utmost contentment.

Samtosha eradicates the superfluous needs and gives a sense of being complete from within. Thus, it brings peace of mind, happiness and joy of existence. As one starts to appreciate the positives of life and becomes satisfied with one’s possessions, one attains contentment.


Tapas are the way to discipline self, channelize one’s energy towards bringing positivity in life and achieving the pre-set goals. It gives the willpower to do a specific task as set, even if one is not willing to do.

It brings consciousness in behavior and constantly reminds you of your pre-set objectives. Its motto is to eradicate negativity from life and motivate you to get higher goals of life. It’s the best way to control laziness, procrastination, distraction and indiscipline.


Svadhyaya is about introspection of self, in terms of SWOT analysis. It tries to find out ‘Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat’. It identifies them and helps you mend your ways to become better as a human.

Svadhyaya ask you to study about yourself, through the medium of spiritual texts, understand self with yoga, and find your strengths by overcoming your weakness. Thus, it will one day make you a better version of yourself.

Ishvara Pranidhana:

Ishvara Pranidhana is an essence of yoga and meditation. It’s contemplating over a thought and surrendering to the ultimate purpose of life. It helps you realize the bigger cause of life, brighter side of life, and let go your ego.
It strengthens your belief system, have profound impact on your thought process, and gives realization of inner peace.
It also makes you connect with your soul, universal plane and embrace eternity.
Practicing Niyama helps you find yourself, forever…