5 Ways of Yoga that will help you to get proper sleep

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Due to tight work schedule, work life imbalance, anxiety and stress, every second working person is suffering with insomnia. Now we don’t know how to get rid of this and how we can prepare for the relaxation of body, mind and soul in the night.
Being a working person, I have to confess that earlier I hardly find time for work out and other physical work. It was not like that, I hadn’t a proper sleep, but sometimes in the night, I didn’t manage to get a restful nap. Well doing yoga and meditation can cut down the insomnia. However, it won’t have instant results for eradicating sleeping problems but regular practice will help you to get better sleep.

Lets check it out 5 ways of yoga that helped you to get adequate sleep

• Spend As much as time with your meditation mat and cushion

This is the great way to energize your body where you will sit for few minutes of peaceful self-indication on the meditation cushions. The anxiety in the mind will disappear and you will feel totally relax. It will make you active enough to have good nap on the bed.

• Keep doing practice of Yoga (Shavsana)

Well, getting yoga classes is always blissful, but when did you attempt corpse pose after performing all the yoga asana. As we all know that practice makes men perfect so practicing Savasana (Corpse Pose) after yoga training definitely help you to completely in the rest mode, it will make you remind that you can be able to do relax.

• Use Different Pose for Mind relaxation

When you forward bend and restorative poses, it will stable your nervous system and calm your restless mind. If you are not getting a proper sleep then forward bend pose can be beneficial for you to prepare both your body mind for complete relaxation. Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose) is also effective in bringing relaxation in your body, mind and soul.

• Heal your body ache

Sometimes our body part and joints get severe pain due to exhausting lifestyle. Some people suffer lower back pain, tired limbs and sacrum. There are certain yoga poses like Viparita Karani, Cat-Cow and Downward Dog helps to cut down your body pain

• Be calm and Talk less

This is the best thing sometimes we need to adopt because when we talk our mind get disturb at once, therefore we need to maintain peace. It gradually makes you to focus on your breath. Because of this, you can think of yourself peacefully, this is a kind of practice and it helps you to fall asleep.

Yoga and meditation has everything in it, so if you are not getting proper sleep or you are suffering from insomnia, yoga is the best way to eliminate this problem. When you have this natural remedy, then what is the use of consulting a doctor? It may not give you permanent results but gradually it will give permanent outcome.