5 Yoga Styles for 2019 fitness trend


New year comes as a ray of some new hopes to everybody. Therefore, we intend to set some New Year resolutions to achieve something better in the coming year. This resolution needs some motivations, like Yoga to follow the right track properly. Here, we are going to discuss the 5 ways that yoga helps us to attain the goals.

  • What is Yoga?

Before going deep into the impact of Yoga, here we are to discuss the concept and act of it in brief. Actually, it is an ancient act of concentration followed by ancient Hindu monks to percept the order and wish of God. In simple term, it is the way to percept the inner power that precedes us to attain inner peace. Therefore, it is the matter of practice to concentrate totally on the goal. It shows the path to follow the way to concentrate and follow the strength of willpower.

  • How does Yoga help to enhance the New Year resolution?

The resolution for a New Year is mainly some constructive ideas, which we fail to attain in the previous year. It is always our concerns to do something better in the coming days and the resolution does the same for us.

  • Attainment of the inner peace

Attainment of inner peace is essential to do anything positive in life. The practice of this art helps us to growth mental peace and eventually leads us towards positive thinking that evokes strong willpower to do anything. The Padmasana and Vajrasana is the best way to concentrate and eventually attain the inner peace out of its practice regularly.

  • Feeling of fitness from the beginning of the morning

Practicing Yoga is incomplete without the Pranayamas. The meaning of ‘prana’ is breath and ‘Ayam’ means the soul. It is an important part of the practices of Yoga. It should be practiced in the morning. The practices of the Pranayamas like Kapalbhati, Viloma, Anuloma Viloma purifies the cells of the body with the proper way of in taking the breaths inside the body in the morning that energize the soul.

  • Revision of food habits

The serious practice of this art makes us bound to some limited food habits. It instructs us to consume limited food and restricts the consumption of excessive non-vegetarian foods and to consume enough water in a day. This type of habits nourishes our body and the healthy body builds a healthy mind with full of confidence.

  • The practice of discipline

The practice of the art instructs them to perform the Yogasanas like Dhanurasana, Vajrasana Nidrasana, Bhujangasana on a regular basis that requires the confinement within a discipline. The practice of discipline in daily life obviously facilitates us to be particular and perfectionist in the act, we perform.

  • Connection with Nature

The rule of this performing art is to practice it within a fresh air. That we usually get in the morning time. But still, it is okay to perform in the evening also. Thus, it builds a connection with the nature that motivates us in many ways to follow the resolutions firmly.

Thus, the practice of this divine art can lead us in the right track on the eve of New year and attain the achievements that we desire the most.