The 7 Most Important Yoga Poses for Beginners


It’s an old saying, “Health is wealth,” and who doesn’t want to be uplifted? Yoga offers enthusiasm and immerses you in yourself. It not only helps to stay fit but also relaxes, motivates, and inspires.

If you are a beginner, you will soon feel connected with your inner soul in a short time span by practicing yoga.  

Yoga is a key to change your lifestyle, and you can join yoga classes where you learn how to do the yoga asana with exact postures and can also be a yoga trainer for the future. 

Here are shared seven yoga poses which are perfectly fit for the beginners:

It’s not essential to for the number of yoga poses every day; some top also picks pictures and modifies your postures correctly.  

  • Mountain rise: To make your standing grip strong and grounding in your daily life; Mountain pose is perfect for the beginners, which looks simple standing but is more than that. Lifting your inner thighs and kneecaps on the widespread legs with tightening toes, it engages your quadriceps. The chest, press the shoulders down and feel the shoulder blades close to one another. 
  • Downward facing dog: Also known popularly as Adho Mukha Shvanasana, it is the best stretch exercise for the entire body. You have to lift your hips upward and straighten your legs by slight bent knees and wrists under the shoulders. 
  • Plank: The most important thing in cardio or yoga is the power of balance. Plank is perfect for beginners, where one learns how to support the body. There are different types, and it’s about balancing the body through toes and hands in a straight line. Its best pose for core muscles.
  • Triangle: Since yoga for beginners is more about postures learning, stretching, and relaxing the muscles, this pose strengthens the entire body. Expanding the legs and turning one foot at 90 degree and another at 45 degrees, you take your leg posture. The next is stretching the arms up to the shoulders height whereas another one down to the ankle or till wherever you can reach. This is perfect when it looks like a triangle.  Read more on: Pros or Benefit of Doing Triangle Pose On Daily Basis
  • Tree: When you were a kid, you must have played by balancing on one leg. It is perfect for beginners where you learn to balance your body on one foot. It is the perfect pose to take a deep meditation and relax your shoulders as well.
  • Warrior poses 1: Based on the appearance of this yoga is name after its posture. It is perfect for building your strength and increasing the stamina. With tight hips and thighs, it builds strength and stretches the front body.  
  • Warrior poses 2: With a small change in the posture, with a 90-degree angle of your right toes and 45-degree angle of your let toes and knee bent to the front side and hands wide open, you make a perfect pose.

Practicing yoga at home needs not only dedication but perfection as well. It’s helpful only if you make correct postures. By joining the Diya yoga classes, you can learn about making the poses perfectly and also ahead of your career in the same.

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