7 Steps to Happiness – A Gift of Chakra Yoga Retreat

Chakra Yoga retreat – Withdrawal to the world, where sky is above, earth is below and peace is within.
— An initiative of ‘Diya Yoga’…

Chakra Yoga teaches us 7 steps to happiness. These steps are our guide to happy life, clear mind, and higher spiritual growth.

7 Steps to Happiness with Chakra Yogic Practices:

1. The ‘Root Chakra’ teaches us to ‘Fear Less, Secure More’

2. The ‘Sacral Chakra’ teaches us to ‘Apathy Less, Passion More’

3. The ‘Solar Chakra’ teaches us to ‘ Rejected Less, Empowered More’

4. The ‘Heart Chakra’ teaches us to ‘Judge Less, Compassion More’

5. The ‘Throat Chakra’ teaches us to ‘ Talk Less, Communicate More’

6. The ‘Third Eye Chakra’ teaches us to ‘ Think Less, Understand More’

7. The ‘Crown Chakra’ teaches us to ‘Loneliness Less, Oneness with Universe More’

These 7 lessons can be a game changer for us; and chakra yoga is really all about healing, improving, and developing self.
You’re not in peace, with yourself; if you’re not seeking answers to discover self. Chakra Yoga is about an inward journey of realizing the 7 lessons of life, 7 missions of life, and 7 paths of life.
The chakras not only teach us valuable lessons, but on activating them, we also get cosmic liberty to evince 7 aspects of life. These 7 aspects are expressions of human essence and goodness.

7 Expressions of Chakra Yoga:

1. The ‘Root Chakra’ express safety

2. The ‘Sacral Chakra’ express creativity

3. The ‘Solar Chakra’ express strength

4. The ‘Heart Chakra’ express love

5. The ‘Throat Chakra’ express quality

6. The ‘Third Eye Chakra’ express connected

7. The ‘Crow Chakra’ express divinity

Yoga gets a new dimension with chakra activation, and harnessing the hidden potential within. So, it’s very essential to incorporate them in your yoga sessions or yogic practices.

What is chakra, from yoga’s point of view?

Chakra means wheel, or a spinning wheel. In a yogi’s words ‘Chakras are of 7 stages, and these stages are a fusion of energy, thoughts, feelings, experiences, letting go, and ultimately being aware of your body.
The yoga states, chakras are like a mirror, which project our conscious mind. It reflects our ‘emotions, reactions, desires, aversions, level of confidence, gloominess, fear, and even physical symptoms’.
Does, balance of chakras is about reaching new heights of self-discovery and controlling of senses. It, finally connects you to the divine source, the light of ultimate truth, makes you intuitive, and leads to enlightenment.

Where to learn?

Diya Yoga welcomes every yoga enthusiasts to its ‘Chakra Yoga Retreat’ this winter. Amid the whistling waves, whispering coconut groves, sun soaked sands, and blue lagoons, a world of holistic learning is waiting to be unwrapped.
At Diya Yoga, the expert will help merging chakra yoga in your yogic practices. These work out will benefit in eliminating any obstacles in the path of attainment of higher potential.

How to start?

You can join there, upcoming ‘yoga retreat’ in the month of November. For more information, you can connect with them in their ‘Facebook Fan Page’ or send them inquiry.