8 Cool New Year Yoga Resolutions by Diya Yoga

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Yoga the lost art of healing is once again revived from the dust of yesteryears. It took many yogis, yoga enthusiasts, and ardent students of yoga to spread it around the world in modern century.
We are indebted to all these souls, who tried to reach out to everyone, with the noble cause of healthy mind and body for all. A unified world of good health, strong muscles, focused mind, positive emotions, and transcending soul seems a possibility by next century.
We started late, but it’s definitely not the end; we can still benefit from the holistic healing of yoga.
Today, the world is full of malice and is threatening every existence of nature…
Humans will extinct, if they are not show the light of goodness; and the only solace lies in yoga.

Can yoga bring a positive change, around the world?

Yoga can assist in controlling what goes inside; it can eradicate negative shades of human, it can bring relaxation to inner self and above all it gives infinite peace within.

Thus, yoga may not be able to control what goes outside, but it can begin from controlling ‘ME’ in every one of us. Therefore, with time, it will heal the world of all destructive tendencies.

2018 New Year Resolution:

Diya Yoga, in 2018 is committed to bring a revolution of sharing goodness through yoga. This will be a gift of ‘Happy New Year from Diya Yoga’ to the entire world. We aspire for tranquility, security, happiness, and well-being of everyone in the ‘New Year’ ahead.
Wish, it is the new beginning of a promised world –

Review of Yoga in 2017:

  • Yoga got global acceptance and celebrated its 3rd ‘World Yoga Day’; it made a long journey of rebirth since its inception around 5,000 years ago.
  • West is fascinated with yoga, no more it consider yoga as a cult; but a phenomenon of great change in ‘character, spiritual insights, and physical exercise’.
  • Yoga in 2017 has seen a record number of online promotions, social sharing, and made it to the bloggers hit list.
  • Yoga is slowly becoming the philosophy of life; and in 2017 even medical science is taking steps in adapting it as a means of therapy to ‘strengthen immunity and belief system’.
  • Urban people are opting yoga as a lifestyle, and not practice.
    Join yoga course, start yoga teachers training and practice yoga is on the ‘New Year Resolution’ list for many of us.

Diya Yoga brings 8 Cool New Year Resolution for Yoga Seekers:

1. Practice or Adapt or Try what is new or something entirely different

2. Opt for being ‘Vegan’

3. Make Pranayama a part of Yogic practices

4. Follow strictly the philosophy of Yoga

5. Share the benefits of Yoga and Let Dear One’s Follow Yoga

6. Read Patanjali Yoga Sutra – A must read

7. Go Green this New Year

8. Adapt Meditation for Healthy Life

Once again ‘Happy New Year from Diya Yoga’…