8 Foretells of Hatha Yoga – an Essence of Innumerable Benefits

Shiva the root from where the essence of yoga was born is the cosmic form of supreme consciousness.

“If you know Shiva, you will attain supreme consciousness; and if you know yoga, you will know Shiva.”

Yoga is the ultimate experience and splendid journey of attaining oneness. The mere attainment of oneness is being aware, calm, and clear. When you become aware you actually activate your conscious self; when you become calm you let your consciousness guide you; and when you are clear your consciousness attain peace of ‘mind, body, and soul’.

The form of yoga, which let you attain the unity of awareness, calmness and clarity, is known as ‘Hatha Yoga’. The reason being, hatha yoga’s ability to work with different postures, focusing on body, mastering breathing techniques, and meditating to control one’s mind will ultimately result in oneness of self. Hatha Yoga takes all aspects of your body, mind, and soul into account, for transcending to higher plane.

The Yoga of fastening the process of evolution of an individual’s body is hatha Yogistic practices…


An example, how body works can be witnessed in our day to day life. Say, you want to start morning walk, as you set your routine from tomorrow; and set your alarm, your mind is ready. But the next day morning when the alarm rings, and your body is too heavy to lift up; you shut your alarm and sleep.
Thus, the body works on its own; and with its set rules. The practice to discipline your body, purifies your thoughts, strengthen your determination, prepare your body, set your body to higher planes, letting your body interact with higher energy and possibilities is called hatha yoga.

8 Foretells of Hatha Yoga :

  1. Lean: Hatha yoga is the foremost Yogistic practices, which helps in losing weight. It also ensures strengthening of muscles, toning of fat, and shaping of body. Lean doesn’t mean you will grow weak; but the yoga will make you strong, immune, fit and energetic. So, with proper diet, your internal organ will be healthy; and you will not get thinner.
  2. Happy Aura: Blissful face is the gift of this Yogistic practices; the cleansing of body, composure of mind and peace of soul is reflected on your face. Your aura reflects joy of existence.
  3. Sweetness of Voice: Hatha yoga includes pranayama; thus, it gives your voice clarity, sweetness and manifest inner voice. This yoga contributes immensely to our communication skills.
  4. Vision: The cleansing of inner organs does bring clear vision, improved eye sight and mystic eyes. It also opens the door of inner vision; leading to intuition and premonition.
  5. Healthy: Freedom from disease and healthy body is confirmed with Yogistic practices in a routine. Further, physical, mental and emotional well-being is attained over time.
  6. Break Shackles of Desires: Hatha yoga gives freedom from desires, especially sexually explicit desires. So, you will be no more slaves of your desires, greed, senses and pleasure.
  7. Digestive Power: Poor digestion leads to many diseases, according to medical science. Hatha yoga improves digestion power, fasten metabolism, and increase appetite.
  8. Purification: This form of yoga purifies your body system at cellular level; thus, you can enjoy a life of contentment.

foretells of Hatha yoga, are its promise of healthy tomorrow.

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