Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a yogic form, which unifies mind and body, by the techniques of postures, balancing and meditation. Its ultimate goal is to transcendence one’s soul to higher plane, merging into the limitless power of the universe.
Are you inclined to enhance your body’s enduring abilities? Do you want to boost your immune power? Hatha yoga is the perfect yoga practice for every health conscious soul. These are just introductory benefits of hatha yoga; there are more into it.

Diya Yoga ~ the pioneer of hatha yoga training in India opens its yoga retreat every winter. You can join them this season .

What can be expected from this yoga retreat?

  • Regular classes as per courses
  • Step by step guide to hath yoga
  • You can learn yoga easily with the experts
  • Constant support and guidance from teacher as well as peer
  • Give idea about how to discriminate between right and wrong posture
  • Divide the training in steps, so it becomes easy for beginners to learn
  • It also teaches the classic yogic methods, physical education and how to concentrate
  • You can learn series of clearly instructed postures, balancing, breathing, and secrets of hatha yoga

Thus, there are many things to learn in a hatha yoga class; also you can have a blissful holiday at Goa. The beach destination is known as ‘Las Vegas of East’, and is a tourist hotspot. You can enjoy evening stroll in the sun soaked beaches, hop into romantic boat cruise, frisk with water sports, and enjoy the ‘Indo-Portuguese’ culture.

How the hatha yoga training is divided?

There are many guidelines for the course to begin and move forth. However, the main fundamentals of yoga are divided into 5 parts.
1.Warm up poses

2.Standing poses

3.Balancing poses

4.Seated poses

5.Seated twists


7.Relaxation poses

In these 7 steps, apart from physical education, meditation, and breathing practice the hatha yoga is taught.
Benefits of Hatha yoga is equivalent to the union of sun and moon. Like the conjunction of ‘Sun and Moon’ this form of yoga, brings strength to your body, improves vitality, calms the mind, composed self, and bring inner peace.
Once a yogi, said hatha yoga is the science of healing all your negative traits and infuse positive traits in your existence. This form of yoga is highly regarded for its convincing benefits to transform our life.
Right from disease to bad habits, all can be treated with this form of yogic practices. But, you need to join yoga classes under the supervision of an expert. Else, you may end up damaging self, rather benefiting.

Sneak into Few Benefits:

1.Helps in developing stronger immunity

2.Relax your mind, eliminate tension in your body

3.Strengthens your spine

4.Tone your body

5.Increase flexibility

6.Control cravings and bad habits

7.Promotes good lifestyle and good health

If you want to stay fit tomorrow, start hatha yoga today.