9 Steps of Learning Yoga – Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga is training your conscious mind, perfecting your spiritual insight, strengthening your body, tranquility of inner-self, and elevation of soul. Yoga is a threefold steps function based on ‘actions, knowledge and devotion’.

  • From the path of actions a yogi achieves routine practice of yogic asanas.
  • From the fundamental of knowledge one attains lessons about yoga, practices it and shares it.
  • From the concept of devotion one focuses on one’s ability, transcending of soul, and developing concentration.
  • Yoga is also known as the tradition of ‘Hinduism’ with a motto of promoting good health, controlling breathes, calming of mind and strengthening of body.
    Thus, join 200 hour yoga teacher training this winter, it’s the best way to learn, share and reap the benefits of 5000 year old holistic healing art.

    Snapshots of the Yoga Course:

  • Definite and pre-defined yoga course with complete curriculum, meeting international standards.
  • Diya yoga courses are conducted by certified and master yogi ‘Meera’.
  • The yogic expert will follow depth, and consistent guidelines while teaching
  • The guidelines are fixed, and don’t divert or follow trial or error method
  • All yoga courses are clear, implemented, and reflect holistic healing.

Different Steps to Practice and Learn Yoga at Diya Yoga:

Every good institute follows physical education, along with postures and other imperative steps of yoga. If physical education is not followed, then yoga is completely vague. It also leads to wastage of time, energy and getting completely divert from real yoga.
Yoga is just not complete without physical education and therefore, it’s necessary to understand yoga from different aspects. Check out the different steps of learning yoga from the expert.

1. Focusing on Techniques

2. Time bound training

3. Regular Practice

4. Insights into Teaching Methodology

5. Introduction of ‘Anatomy & Physiology’

6. Understanding philosophy of yoga

7. Knowing the ethics of yoga

8. Adapting to the yoga lifestyle

9. Practical study of yoga course, apart from going theoretical

What you learn during this course to become a certified and qualified yoga trainer?

A. Communications skills is given a new direction to promote oneself as a yoga trainer

B. One is taught how to handle group dynamics

C. You also learn how to go for time management as a trainer

D. You’re taught to set your priorities and set your limitations as a yoga teacher

E. One also learns how to manage individuals demand, how to run a group and how to successfully conduct a setting

F. One also learns how to show demonstrations to new groups

G. The principles and fundamentals of observation is taught

H. One also learn how to assist students in learning yoga

I.  You also learn how to correct someone’s wrong posture

J.  You also learn teaching styles and system

K. One also get to understand what are the necessary qualities of yoga teacher

L.  One also goes through the process of learning

M. Lastly, you will learn the business aspects of yoga