A blessing in disguise Coronavirus, use this time to know yourself with the help of yoga.

We all know Corona and all the news about it. A microorganism has threatened us to our existence. A beautiful reminder to all us human, about how small we are, as we were thinking we are the ultimate powerful beings.

All governments doing lockdown is for our benefits. Yes, lockdown is difficult But now there is no choice. So lets use this time to be more loving to self, more creative, using whatever we can, to learn
to feel safe and secure within self. It is difficult to time. But with the help of yoga and some friends, we can all pass-thru this time and may become better and aware of human beings when this finished.

We teach eight limbs of Patanjali yoga sutra in every yoga teacher training. I try to summarised What I understood about it. And how we can use it in this situation. As per yoga sutra, Yoga can help us in this situation internally also. But the most important is not trying to run away from the situation, instead

ACCEPT THE SITUATION AS IT IS. (without judgment or comparing to anything)

Be honest to yourself, without wanting more, or being jealous, being aggressive (This is first limb of eight yoga sutra called Yama)

Have cleanliness out and in, look at your own habits, be aware so they can be changed, have contentment that you have still place to stay and food, many does not have that privilege, have gratitude to universe or godliness for that. (This is Second limb of eight yoga sutra Niyama)

Try to do best as practical as possible to keep the physical body fit, eat healthy, practice yoga asana, (This is Third limb of eight yoga Sutra Asana)

For the Mind to calm down and be balanced in your energy level. Do the breathing exercises. Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Anuloma viloma. (you can find youtube videos about these practices) (This is Fourth limb of eight yoga Sutra Pranayama)

When you feel centered in body and mind even for a moment, take distance to your old life and see what it brought you. Any inner health? any inner happiness? taking distance from senses helps to grow out of the old structure and look at the wider view. (This is Fifth limb of eight yoga Sutra Pratyahara)

And then just allow your self to be in the moment.it could be watching your breath, dancing, chanting, cooking, cleaning, whatever it is, do it totally without distraction or anything else in mind. Focused, concentration on it completely (This is Sixth limb of eight yoga Sutra Dharna)

Once you did anything with full focus and totality, when finished, sit down for some time without doing anything, just being, allowing yourself to be. In this space, meditation happens. (This is Seventh limb of eight yoga Sutra Dhyana )

Repeat every day whenever you have time.

Yoga talks about samadhi but as I have not experienced it, So I can not write about it. (This is the Eighth limb of eight yoga sutra Samadhi)

Stay calm, Open heart, Share Love, Do not just do asana and think it is yoga, Do the whole recipe of yoga. It will brings you more closer to yourself, you can be your best friend,