(Be a light unto yourself.)

When Buddha was dying, his last utterance in this world was,'APPO DEEPO BHAVA' -- 'Be a light unto yourself.' Don't follow anybody. Anand was crying, weeping because Buddha was leaving the body and he said to Buddha,'You are leaving and I have not yet become enlightened. What about me? What will happen to me? The world will be absolutely dark for me -- you were the light. And now you are going. Have compassion on us.' Buddha opened his eyes and said,'APPO DEEPO BHAVA. Be a light unto yourself, Anand, nobody can be a light for you.'

Our Motto

DIYA YOGA's motto is "appo deepo bhava". It's about supporting one's own inner strength and creativity and life source light. We always need teachers to guide us on path, but in the end we walk alone on our path. Diya yoga gives many tools to be on the path. We are dedicated to look in individual personality and work accordingly, we are all same and still we all have different ways, for some people sitting silent is meditations, may be for others dancing is necessary. We all have same goal, Inner peace, and Diya yoga is about finding your way to your own light thru different techniques e.g. asana, meditation(active or inactive), yoga Nidra, Yogic philosophy, taichi, or ayurveda. Supporting individual uniqueness and giving information and practice on different topics.

I had different Teachers in my life, but One I was very attached to, then he passed away. I felt angry, sad and left alone, But actually his leaving body made me to lose my dependence on him, But Keeping the connection and to find my own light within. We each have a light in ourself, We need just to clear out the junk that we have accumulated and allowed to cover it up. I am grateful for My Teacher, he gave me tools I needed to be on the Path. But he could never give me the awareness of my own connection. He could point to it, help to shift my thinking, but I had to come to feel the life of this connection on a very personal and real basis for myself. Until I did, it was always what he talked and not my experience. Today, I own what he taught thru my own experience.

I remember a verse from Avadhuta Gita, which says: “Salutations to you, O Sage (Avadhuta), Kindly tell us what Guru has given you the great knowledge which has made you perfect in wisdom, full of peace, and devoted to the good of all living beings.” Reply of the Avadhut: “One’s own Self is one’s chief Guru. By knowledge of Self alone through perception, inference and mystic communion one obtains the great bliss.” We-soul-is the knower and we try to know itself....the self realisation is nothing but KNOWING THE KNOWER!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing we guarantee that if you come to Diya yoga, you will experience what is shining inside you and you have not been able to allow it to come out. We have Yoga retreats, Meditation retreats, Yogic Chakra sadhna retreat, Yoga Nidra retreats.