Asana’s are just the Stepping Stone of Yoga

practicing Pranayama

Asanas that’s how one comes closer to path of yoga.Why Yoga Asanas

In the beginning one starts practice for health issues, as exercise or for weight loss. That’s how we get tricked, once we start practicing regular Asanas from a unknown place comes longing to know something more, to understand yoga more. And that’s where the Patanjali yoga sutra help comes. Many people are going for one month teacher training to understand yoga in deeper level. (10 Yoga Posture that helps in Weight Loss)

Patanjali has explained the journey towards oneself (diving in our own being without boundaries) systematically. Once you start practicing Pranayama with your Asana always adding a little meditation at the end. Without one realizing the change takes over. Self confidence, trust, self love and care blossoms. That’s why Asanas are just the trick of yoga to get one deeper in to self love.

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