Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga a system of physical exercises and breathing control used in yoga…

Hatha yoga is popular in ‘West’ and are physical postures to master the body, mind and soul.
Hatha yoga always focuses on regular exercise, balanced diet, practice on internal purification of body, mastery over breathing techniques and routine asanas.
Hatha yoga also includes the practice ‘Surya Namaskar’; it’s also known as salutation to Sun. The practice is sequential asanas in different variations. They benefits to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
The three cores of hatha yoga are based on ‘postures (asanas), breathing techniques & control (pranayama), and meditation (dyan). The aim of the cores is to provide you with healthy body, sound mind and peaceful soul.

How many types of Hatha Yoga are being in practice?

  • There are 200 types of hatha yoga practiced by yogis across the world
  • These 200 types of hatha yoga postures, are further divided into hundreds of variations
  • Their function is to strengthen your body parts, promote health, boost function of each organs and repair tissues
  • These asanas also concentrate strengthening of spine, promoting circulation, balance of body and flexibility of muscle joints

Benefits of Hatha Yoga:

    • Immunity: Hatha yoga is known for enhancing immunity in our body. The stretch and exercises increase the drainage of lymph. Thus, it assists in defending immune system, eliminating infection, demolish cancerous cells, throw out toxic waste, and purify blood.
    • Relaxing & Reliever: Hatha Yoga’s goal is to focus on relaxation, so it boosts your breathing techniques. The inhale and exhale helps in composure of mind, providing relaxation. Thereby, a relaxed mind can easily concentrate and memorize. So, it boosts your IQ indirectly.

When your mind is relaxed, it helps in fighting unnecessary tensions and anxiety. The breathing techniques are known to exhale all tensions in our body.

  • Toned Body: They are best exercise to reduce weight, get a toned body, strengthen your muscles and achieve flexible joints. Thus, your body functionality enjoys complete fitness and you feel healthy as well as refreshed. Your body also stays in shape and it exuberate signs of well-being.
  • Glow: Your body is ever glowing and especially face; the reason being hatha yoga cleanses your body system and regulates blood circulations. So, you look fresh, young, and rejuvenated. Your body is also happy and healthy from within.
  • Anger Management: Hatha yoga is excellent tool for anger management. As our mind gets calmer and composed, so we are able to behave with more maturity. Our reactions are also rational and controlled. Our mind never runs out of control.
  • Digestive System: It’s known fact; hatha yoga can control our health well-being. Hatha yoga regulates and balanced the metabolism in our body. So, with strengthening of digestive system, balancing of metabolism and improving appetite we attain a blissful stomach.

You can book hatha yoga classes or opt for teachers training under certified teacher. Diya Yoga is the one name, which stands tall in schools teaching yoga.