Yoga Teacher Training in India

Often you would hear yoga enthusiasts curious about why is it important or better to do the yoga teacher training in India as against anywhere else? After all, Yoga is a global phenomenon now, and you have certified yoga gurus across the world! But India remains the central driving force for this ancient science of wellness.

The 196 Yoga Sutras were compiled by the great sage Patanjali in 400 CE in India. It is needless to mention that today many of the yogic practices are so incorporated into the daily lives of people that Yoga has more or less become the way of living here in India. From sitting in sukhasana, practicing jalaswasan ever morning to lying down in savasana, an Indian household has many vital yogic elements incorporated in their daily living.

Perhaps the biggest charm of yoga in India is the fact that this is the only place in the entire world where yoga has managed to transcend the boundaries of religion and be accepted as a way of life unanimous. Not just in physical attributes but yoga has also brought forth a huge change in our spiritual and mental set up for an average Indian. Be it the principles of patience or the element of trust, yoga has been incorporated in the very ethos Indian culture, and practicing yoga here gives one a ringside view of this wonderful science of physical and mental peace.

The cultural amalgamation that happens when you come down for your yogic teacher training in India is another key aspect. Be it the open-hearted hospitable people who welcome you to their country with open arms or the unique melting point of cultures and individuals world over, this is one place where you get to practice yoga of the body and mind in complete unison.

Diya Yoga has been working tirelessly to help you experience this yogic experience which is both spiritual and uplifting in nature.