Levels Of Yoga Certification

As a personal practice, yoga does not define or measure teachers by any yardstick other than beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners of yoga taught at varied Levels of Yoga Certification. 

Yoga Teacher Levels range from varied practices and teaching experiences irrespective of their qualification or what they have learned. 

In the past, aspiring students showing keen interest to get trained in yoga postures and the varied nuances and intricacies associated with it, sought teachings based on the lineage of illustrious experts or masters, for instance, seeking assistance and training from B.K.S. Iyengar or Pattabhi Jois. 

However, in current times, autonomous bodies and organizations like independent NGOs, of which Yoga Alliance is an integral part of, have classified Levels of Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Teacher Levels defined by Yoga Alliance, USA:

RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hours)

This constitutes the first level of Yoga Teacher Levels. By default, anyone completing 200-hour teacher training becomes this level or category of teacher. This level doesn’t require any prior teaching experience. A RYT 200 teacher is permitted to teach yoga to students but is not entitled to become the lead teacher for any program, and is not allowed to certify others for training.

ERYT 200 (Experienced Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours)

This is considered the third level of yoga teacher certification course. To attain this, any yoga teacher trained in different Levels of Yoga Certification has to meet up with two criteria/conditions. First and foremost, you’ve to wait patiently and ardently for two years from the time you complete 200-hour yoga teacher training. Secondly, one has to complete 1000 hours of teaching taught from anywhere, which need not be necessarily done from a professional setup. An ERYT 200 certified teacher holds the position of certifying other students for training up to 200-hour level.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

A 300-hour yoga teacher certification is the next level of education for yoga teachers who’ve completed 200-hour yoga instructor training and are in quest of more! In a 300-hour yoga teacher training program, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into practice and teaching methodology, and being a certified yoga teacher capable of imparting more complex and nuanced yoga classes. Owing to additional teaching hours and levels of expertise, it’s imperative to note that advanced teacher training comes with a higher price tag than 200-hour counterparts, tuition fees being double the amount of 200-hour training. However, the cost of Levels of Yoga Certification ranges between 100 Euros which in Indian currency is Rs.8,977, and 3000 Euros, Indian currency being Rs.2, 69,310.

RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hours)

This is designated as the second level of the yoga teacher certification program. Touted as one amongst the Levels of Yoga Teacher, this is performed by taking a single yoga teacher training with 500 hours duration or completing this via two training-200 hours and adding up to 300 hours timeline for making 500 hours of teacher training. A RYT 500 teacher is allowed to impart yoga lessons but is not in a position to be the lead teacher for any program, and is not permitted to certify wannabes for training.

ERYT 500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours)

This is touted as the fourth and highest level of yoga teacher training program. To obtain this certification, yoga instructors have to meet two conditions. First, you must wait for a long period of four years from the time of completion of 200-hour yoga teacher training. And secondly, one is liable to complete 2000 hours of teaching. Amongst these teaching hours, 1500 hours can be accumulated after completing 200-hour yoga teacher training and 500 hours after finishing 300-hour yoga teacher training as part of different Levels of Yoga Teachers. An ERYT 500 teacher is allowed to certify other aspiring yoga enthusiasts about any level of training. 

To reach these levels, check out the program’s authenticity or yoga course registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. Teachers’ journey can only be mastered by assimilating more experiences in imparting yoga lessons by putting yourself/oneself in front of others and sharing what they learn with the ‘world’.

Now the million-dollar question: Are 200, 300, 500-hour Yoga Teacher Levels training worth it?

Many yoga teacher course providers reveal that yoga teacher training courses are awarded by Yoga Alliance, with many yogis, yoga schools, and yoga teachers opting for these courses despite having a huge marketing budget behind it, making its humongous presence felt wherever it sets forth its foot. 

So, the aforementioned Yoga Teacher Levels are worth the try, to make way for the successful completion of yoga training and programs and the subsequent bright future it shows ahead.

Apart from Levels of Certification by Yoga Alliance, USA, there comes Ofqual- regulated Yoga Teacher Training Levels.

Ofqual is a government body accountable for setting frameworks for vocational course levels ensuring that all awarding bodies follow those framework setups. Ofqual is labeled according to levels like ‘Level 3’ or ‘Level 4’. Having Ofqual regulation denotes that a Level 3 yoga course from one-course provider will cover the same content as a Level 3 yoga course from another provider.

Why one should go for Ofqual regulated Yoga Teacher Levels course

> Ofqual regulation signifies that your course has lived up to the benchmark for the highest industry standards, assuring you of providing with all the possible, knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to make good yoga teachers.

> It provides regulation across courses, leaving you the option of doing yoga teacher training at a college, studio, or dedicated yoga school.

> Improves employability benefitting both students and employers.

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