Surf in Goa: Tips and Destinations for an Epic Adventure

Goa surfing, in other words, Surf in Goa, is counted amongst the best surfing in India. A region, famous for its exotic, breath-taking, gold-sand beaches coupled with good-time vibes, the country’s smallest state also packs in some top beginners’ breaks. 

Surf in Goa is abundant. Of all the regions that do have waves in this huge subcontinent of a country, this one’s probably top the list of surfing, It is Goa-resplendent with a plethora of enticing beaches engulfing the gigantic sea waves. 

From north to south, Goa is 100km of perfectly south-west facing beaches, throwing up mellow, frothy waves that’re downright apt for beginners. 

And this Goa surfing, of late, has gained momentum in the past few years, with tourists-both domestic as well as overseas looking forward to it, to indulge themselves in the fun, frolic, merriment, and adrenaline-pumping adventure capable of creating indelible and everlasting memories, contentment and happiness! So, Goa is much more than having a plethora of Yoga schools in Goa imparting yoga lessons for an overall, holistic well-being. 

One can juxtapose the fun element of Surf in Goa with the fundamental spiritualism and mysticism of yoga practice taught at different Yoga schools in Goa to get a surreal, out-of-the-world feeling and experience that’ll last till ‘eternity’!

The season of Goa surfing runs from October to April and if one’s eager to embark on a Yoga Holiday with Diya Yogatouted as one of the premier Yoga Schools in Goa, then it’s highly recommended to check out the Surf in Goa alongside yoga practice, serving as complementary to one another.

Best Surf in Goa for Beginners/Freshers

The coastline in Goa provides the perfect surf for beginners/freshers owing to its vast, majestic, and desolate beaches, combined with the mellow and favorable winds blowing over the gentle sea waves ideal setting for you to learn the tricks of balancing. 

A surf lesson in Goa usually lasts for about two hours, which includes a little bit of theory and safety, some practice on the beach, coupled with some time riding high on the enigmatic and alluring Arabian waves. 

A wide array of options is in store for beginners’ surf who’s hellbent on Surf in Goa to satiate the wanderlust within and to get a ‘taste’ of ‘real-time adventure’! 

Recent years have been witness to the mushrooming of plenty of Surf Schools up and down the coast as it has become a popular and favorite spot for beginners to learn the tricks, nuances, and intricacies of surfing safely, courtesy of the mild conditions and swell.

Beaches Apt for Surf in Goa

North Goa

Arambol Beach – Arambol Beach is one of the most sought-after locations for surfing in North Goa. It’s around 16km long and is home to Wala Surf School-one of the established schools in the region operational since 2010-a perfect location for a fun-filled trip from Diya Yoga, one of the best Yoga Schools in Goa. 

It’s a beach break capable of handling anything up to 7 feet, sometimes a closeout but often an A-frame with lefts and rights. The rights tend to hold up better, and can even get hollow. 

However, the sandbanks though reliable, can sometimes turn out to be fickle. Nevertheless, Arambol Beach still tops the list amongst the best spots when it comes to Surf in Goa.

Mandrem Beach – It’s home to one of North Goa’s top watersports camps, mainly frequented by kitesurfers, accompanied by a growing number of surfers of late. 

The reason behind it is the open river mouth break that can get some nice left-hand rides when there’s anything 3 feet up. 

At Mandrem, there’s a beautiful lagoon, with the river meeting the sea and the gentle waves coming in at around 50 meters long and 1-2 meters high thereby providing the perfect setting for beginners surfing. On this beach, there are many surf schools also.

Baga Beach – It’s the northern end of Calangute and is one of the more exposed beachfront in the region, good at drawing in both W and SW swells. 

Almost always restricted to bodyboarding in high season when it’s mellower and calmer, it’s working at its best on 5–8-foot swells. It rarely peaks over 4 feet, okay for logging and practicing.

Calangute Beach – It’s a small-wave break enabled with the best consistency in Goa. Waves here work best on direct W swell on a gently arcing stretch of sand-pretty rare in dry months between November and March, with some nice days in heavier monsoon midseason. 

Calangute is generally clean during sunnier times/seasons, offshores being rare. It’s touted as a loggers and foamies paradise.

South Goa:

Betalbatim Beach – It merges with Arossim Beach to create a large sweep of sand sometimes working with onshore westerly swells. Betalbatim is close to the town of Vasco Da Gama, so it’s pretty much accessible.

Varca Beach – It looks stunning, being more Caribbean than Indian, offering white-tinged sands and a very shallow sand ledge before the open Indian Ocean, which cuts down the wave size. Its nippy shore breaks are good for families to practice.

Agonda Beach – It’s probably the most consistent spot to Surf in Goa, specifically South Goa. It runs best on 4-5 feet with light easterly winds. In addition to surfing, there’s a great array of curry houses and little beach shacks to choose from and pick from.

Palolem Beach – It’s more of a chilled hippy enclave, amongst the rarer options to Surf in Goa, with fickle waves rarely peaking above chest height outside the monsoon. A matter of fun and merriment for foamers at the golden hour, when some bodyboarding goes down a storm. 

Places to stay when surfing in Goa

  • Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel suited for luxury
  • Maitree is best for getting a beach bungalow
  • Mitra Hotel is best suited for a true Goan experience

Seasons apt to Surf in Goa

  • Dry season (November-March)
  • Monsoon (May-August)

Surf gear in Goa

  • GoPro HERO 9 has wide-angle features making Goan beaches look even more stunning beyond your imagination.
  • Rash vests with 50+SPF are better for the hot sun that one gets in Goa.

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