Bloom yourself by life transforming the course of 200 hour yoga teacher training


Keeping your mind, body, and soul to retain peace and happiness in this busy world could be best done when you are fit and healthy. With the increasing awareness of health and exercises, we all are well aware of the benefits of Yoga but it is useful only when done correctly.

Going for yoga classes makes you feel free and relax, you can also opt to be a yoga teacher by undergoing the 200-hour yoga teacher training, at Goa.

This course delightfully waits for the participation of all age group people and is designed to bring the more polished practice of yoga.  We all know Goa is the most happening place where all come to relax and enjoy beaches, similarly covering the journey of the inner soul and exploring the tranquil beauty is possible by the 200 hours yoga program.

About the course:

It is an advanced level Yoga were beginners are also welcomed and learn about building the self-confidence which is expressed through the basic asanas. Making perfect postures, alignments (Getting relieved from major pains is also thought through the alignment correction.) to understand the manifestation flow and providing maximum benefits of execution is thought.

For healthy living, pranayamas are followed which offers stress relieve, and relaxes the body parts, a respiratory system which familiarizes the effect. The meditation strengthens the mind and balanced lifestyle through the power of early morning.  The comprehensive course module also helps to know the history, benefits, yoga sutra etc to live a balanced life. This intensifies the effect and rituals to become a perfect yoga teacher.


Specifying the 200-hour yoga teacher training you will come to know about the anatomy of the human body, how to take control over those parts. This helps to learn more about body energy, our Nadis, chakra, koshas which are tough to understand when not experienced practically.

This is a high-level in-depth yoga training course where with the every passing time you will feel relaxed and flow yourself in the land of relaxation through power yoga and stretchings. Simultaneously you will learn how to spread awareness among others, set up your yoga class through practicum session.

If you are not localities you can also have the facility of accommodation, food, and drop facility, which encourages being a part of the yogic practice.

Push your physical and mental limits by undergoing the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, Goa. Diya Yoga offers the best 25 days multi-style yoga training in affordable price. You can book your classes schedule as per your suitability online.