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200 Hour - Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training - Dates (Starting From 850 Euro)
Goa20 September 21 to 14 October 21Book Now
Goa19 October 21 to 12 November 21Book Now
Goa17 November 21 to 11 December 21Book Now
Goa05 January 22 to 29 January 22Book Now
Goa02 February 22 to 26 February 22Book Now
Goa02 March 22 to 26 March 22
Book Now
Goa03 April 22 to 27 April 22Book Now

Without Accomodation and Food - 850 Euro
Shared room - 1299 euro*
Private room - 1600 euro*
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)

Get an Early Bird Discount of 100 Euro
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Yoga Nidra Training - Euro 450
Goa14 December 21 to 19 December 21Book Now

Without Accommodation and Food - 450 Euro
With Accommodation - 600 euro*
(*Food is not included)

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