New year comes as a ray of some new hopes to everybody. Therefore, we intend to set some New Year resolutions to achieve something better in the coming year. This resolution needs some motivations, like Yoga to follow the right track properly. Here, we are going to discuss the 5 ways that yoga helps us...
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diwali festival
Diwali Resolution – Relive with Yoga Diwali is a celebration of euphoria, it’s a festival glorifying the end of evil, and an occasion of a new beginning. In Hindu culture, Diwali is the start of a ‘New Year’, thus, Hindu New Year begins on the auspicious day of the ‘New Moon Night’, 15 days after...
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Mother’s Day - Yoga Benefits
Everyone knows the importance of mother in our life, and nobody can deny this thing. In this life there are so many events where mother stand up for you because her love for you is selfless and divine and nobody can match her. According to Hindu religion Mother is even supreme than God and there...
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Holi Festival
Holi is the most adventurous and colorful festival of India and we know that everyone is eager to celebrate Holi in their own way. There is a mythological story behind celebrating Holi and there is hardly any individual who is not aware of this. Story behind celebrating Holi Well we know that as per Hindu...
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