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We have known the fact that Yoga is beneficial for our body, mind, and soul. But only knowing are not enough you will get the advantage of yoga when you do it. Once you perform Yoga poses, you will see positive differences in terms of health and well being. A continuous practice brings entire physical...
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Yoga Nidra is an art of relaxation which keeps you healthy and helps you to stay relaxed. The COVID -19 pandemic period has changed the lifestyle of everyone. This changed lifestyle has bought the rise in stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Asana and Yoga Nidra have plenty of benefits. Additionally, it helps to stay calm...
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Yoga can play a vital role in your kid’s life. It helps them to learn healthy habits that will remain for their lifetime and also set the foundation for an energetic and positive future. Practicing yoga helps the children to overcome stress and anxiety, which is common nowadays. It also develops a well-balanced life and...
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Meditation for Stress is a technique where ‘Your consciousness’ advise you on life’s problem… Today in life we all are in a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense, due to our lifestyle. Stress is taking our life, and we need to act fast to save ourselves. Why do we suffer from stress? In...
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