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The wait to stay corona free is getting longer, and now it’s new normal. Going gyms, malls, offices, yoga classes, and movie halls is no longer the same though unlocking has been implemented. Peoples are getting more into virtual classes and online training due to COVID19. During this time, what makes you feel better is...
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Yoga can play a vital role in your kid’s life. It helps them to learn healthy habits that will remain for their lifetime and also set the foundation for an energetic and positive future. Practicing yoga helps the children to overcome stress and anxiety, which is common nowadays. It also develops a well-balanced life and...
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Lockdown leads many people to feel low and stressed. The trainers enhance the soul and let you live by transforming and getting relaxed. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to learn a certified Yoga Nidra training at Diya Yoga, it will enhance your Yoga passion and help to be a certified Yoga...
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It’s an old saying, “Health is wealth,” and who doesn’t want to be uplifted? Yoga offers enthusiasm and immerses you in yourself. It not only helps to stay fit but also relaxes, motivates, and inspires. If you are a beginner, you will soon feel connected with your inner soul in a short time span by...
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diya yoga - yoga teacher training best course
What can be a better place than India to learn Yoga? India, the birthplace of Yog, It is known for its spirituality across the world. Though there are so many places for yoga teacher training in India, there can be no better place than Goa, with real peace surrounded by the beaches. Goa is also...
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time for yoga teacher training
If you have all Yoga in your mind, get it as a part-time carrier by joining 200-hour yoga teacher training this winter in Goa. Through the training, you can learn more about the alignment, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, kriya, and art of teaching others. Here are a few reasons that specify- why 200 hours of yoga...
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