Yoga Nidra is an art of relaxation which keeps you healthy and helps you to stay relaxed. The COVID -19 pandemic period has changed the lifestyle of everyone. This changed lifestyle has bought the rise in stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Asana and Yoga Nidra have plenty of benefits. Additionally, it helps to stay calm...
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Yoga is a method to work on flexibility and strength of body as well as the mind. In today’s busy schedule, everybody is stressed with the problems of everyday life. The holidays can evoke a sense of magic and wonder. Those of us who have long outgrown with the household chores and service life can...
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First time coming to India?
It is obvious for all of us to feel scared and cautious when we travel to new places. when you are coming first time to India – it could be shocking, overwhelming and challenging at the same time. India is such a unique and multicultural place, it is a colourful country, it has all what...
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