Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is known to help us in many ways, the basic is to keep us fit, in body and mind. The 200-hour yoga teacher training helps one to learn the necessary basic knowladge about yoga. Participating in the training gives once self-confidence about asana practice and how to help others to explore the benefits of...
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Yoga is one of the greatest blessing from the Indian ancestors. It has unbelievable powers in it with its proper practices. Therefore, nowadays it has a huge demand all around the world surpassing the arena of the geographical land of India. There are many, who are having their livelihood around the world by teaching Yoga...
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Keeping your mind, body, and soul to retain peace and happiness in this busy world could be best done when you are fit and healthy. With the increasing awareness of health and exercises, we all are well aware of the benefits of Yoga but it is useful only when done correctly. Going for yoga classes...
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Hatha yoga wherein the word Hatha literally translates to “force” is one of the most traditional forms of yoga. Yoga is both science and art, requires a strict discipline in its practice and should be taught by professionals to perfect this yogic form and reap its maximum benefit. Teaching hatha yoga requires as much dedication...
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200 hour yoga teacher training
To keep your lifestyle healthy and fit, Yoga is absolutely the best ever technique or art. Yoga is 5000 years old rich heritage of India that has numerous admirers in the world. It is popular because it gives countless health benefits. Yoga is not only a physical or mental exercise but it is a complete...
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Yoga is training your conscious mind, perfecting your spiritual insight, strengthening your body, tranquility of inner-self, and elevation of soul. Yoga is a threefold steps function based on ‘actions, knowledge and devotion’. From the path of actions a yogi achieves routine practice of yogic asanas. From the fundamental of knowledge one attains lessons about yoga,...
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