We have known the fact that Yoga is beneficial for our body, mind, and soul. But only knowing are not enough you will get the advantage of yoga when you do it. Once you perform Yoga poses, you will see positive differences in terms of health and well being. A continuous practice brings entire physical...
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For all who are into yoga should be aware of the beauty and the wonderful benefits of Virabhadrasana variations yoga pose. Among all the poses in yoga, Virabhadrasana is considered one of the most beneficial poses which not only helps in body stretching but also helps in building up strength. Its a grounding pose also...
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Simple Yoga Poses for Beginner to Decrease the Mental and Physical Stress
Yoga is considered as the means to attain concentration and inner peace all over the world, though its origin is rooted in Hinduism and therefore in India. Primarily, it was the technique of the Hindu monks to follow their desires to concentrate and meet with the Almighty in this pathway. There are different levels in...
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You must be practicing the different postures or form of yoga but unaware of its name and origin detail. Here are two different yoga styles detail: Hatha Yoga: It is one such physical yoga posture which has power yoga like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa etc. The word Hatha Yoga is derived from the combination of two...
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sunset dance
Due to tight work schedule, work life imbalance, anxiety and stress, every second working person is suffering with insomnia. Now we don’t know how to get rid of this and how we can prepare for the relaxation of body, mind and soul in the night. Being a working person, I have to confess that earlier...
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Yoga as we know the rich heritage of India and it is worldwide physical and mental technique to keep your body and mind fit and healthy. Besides having numerous health benefits, most of the people overlook the importance of yoga. If you are not able to take time for full-time yoga on every day, don’t...
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