Celebrate Holi with Magical session of Yoga Retreat

Holi Festival

Holi is the most adventurous and colorful festival of India and we know that everyone is eager to celebrate Holi in their own way. There is a mythological story behind celebrating Holi and there is hardly any individual who is not aware of this.

Story behind celebrating Holi

Well we know that as per Hindu Bhakt Prahlad was a passionate devotee of Lord Vishnu but his father Hirnyakashyap did not like his son’s devotion towards Lord Vishnu  So he did everything possible to kill his son. And every time Lord Vishnu protect him, after trying many time Hirnyakashyap decided to call his sister Holika to help him as she has been given blessing that she has holy sheet cloth in which if she sits in fire, fire will not catch her, then she decided to sit with her nephew but she died and Prahlad again got saved by the grace of God. Due to that Holika was burnt in fire that is the reason it is also called Holika Dahan.

Holi with Yoga Session

Well this was the part of mythology now we should also concentrate in that there is a great opportunity to celebrate your Holi with by getting yoga session to make you fit and healthy. Yoga is accredited in international level and when you are going to assimilate yoga in your life. Doing yoga definitely bring color of happiness in your life so does you get from Holi festival. Isn’t that great combination that you are going to celebrate Holi and also performing Yoga to get spiritual strength in within you?  This is like spiritual journey where you can have the chance to connect with your inner self.  Diya Yoga is a reputed Yoga center in Goa and it has organized Yoga session many times to make people aware of the benefits of Yoga.

200 hours hatha Yoga

There is a session of 200 hours hatha Yoga in which you will have the opportunity to know that advantages and effects of Yoga in Human’s life. The meditation and asana helps you to understand the deep impact of Yoga. Meditation is great way to spend some time with your mind.  The cultural heritage of Yoga and Holi is always a great treat for every person. A healthy mind and body can live life the ease of peace. The wellbeing condition of a man influences him to calibrate all the things systematically. One can enjoy the Holi and Yoga session in Diya Yoga Center and we assure you that this Holi will definitely add a spiritual strength to your life with memorable Yoga session and meditation.