Chakra Journey : A complete Guide to the 7 Chakras

Chakra Journey

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘Wheel’. It signifies the energy and life force that spins in your whole body to function. These chakras are considered as the energy center of body that regulate every body part and different organs. There are total seven chakras. Every chakra has its own definition, colour and functioning style. Now we will highlight these chakras and their functions.

1. Root or ‘Muladhara’: This Chakra is situated in the bottom of the spine and it signifies the red colour. It gives you sense of living in right phase that is base or Muladhara. During this chakra you will feel relaxation and peace about financial problems, safety and home. It is a great condition to connect with your inner energy.

2. Sacral or ‘Svadhisthana’:
The colour of this chakra is orange and it is located below to your navel. This is related to your creative appetite and sexual desires. Svadhisthana helps you to make creative decision and inbuilt new skills effortlessly.

3. Solar Plexus or ‘Manipura’: Yellow is the colour of this chakra and it is all about your individual strength and central source of your confidence. Located in below the rib cage and when it started the person get the self-contentment along with empowering the self-exploration. It brings best out of talent and capability.

4. Heart or ‘Anahata’: Green in colour, this chakra symbolizes the essence of love and relationship. This is the midpoint for first three chakras and last three chakras. When this chakra originate, it drive peace and immense joy in life. It removes depression, loneliness and grief in life.

5. Throat or ‘Vishuddha’:
This chakra is related to the capability of communication. The term Vishuddha means ‘divine’. It will give you strength to speak up ypour truth clearly. It is located on upper right side of your heart. The throat chakra is associated to the concern and love for others

6. Third Eye or ‘Ajna’:
Indigo is the colour of Ajna or third eye that rested between your eyebrows. It enable you to feel focussed and composed with your own. When this chakra is active you will get instinctive feeling and experience the energy blows in your whole life. It will increase your belief, insight and thoughts that comes effortlessly.

7. Crown or ‘Sahastra’: This chakra has violet colour and it is associate with your soul and God almighty. This chakra is about illumination and when it is active it will give yo the feeling that you are making your internal spirit strong and getting divine feeling of life.

Diya Yoga is an eminent Yoga center in Goa and all over India is skilful to organize the chakra journey for any individual that want to sensualise the energy of body as well as internal strength. These chakra journeys are completely about finding yourself better and connect you to the God and your real personality. We live in an outer world but this outer world is not enough to know yourself. It is a great to realization of your capability to get peace, communication, knowledge self-awareness that is priceless.