Chakrasana (Wheel Pose): Things to know, pros and cons!!!

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose): Things to know, pros and cons!!!

Chakrasana is a backward bending yoga position. The position of this asana looks like a wheel that is why it is also known as wheel asana. This position is helpful in making your arms, back muscles and shoulders stronger and enhances the flexibility of your spine. Almost all of us follow certain medications just to make our body feel peaceful and good. This asana can be helpful in making you feel healthy naturally.

What are the benefits of Chakrasana?

There are huge numbers of benefits offered by Chakrasana. However, the main benefits are given to abdomen areas.

  • The position is used to strengthen the back muscles, arms as well as the abdominal muscles.
  • It helps in enhancing the eyesight of an individual.
  • The lungs can take more oxygen as the chest gets enhanced.
  • It helps in enhancing the flexibility of the spine.
  • It reduces the fat at abdomen muscles so that you can have a great body structure.
  • The asana is helpful in strengthening the muscles of the legs and hands.
  • It keeps our metabolism maintained normally by inducing endocrine glands.
  • It refreshes the brain by inducing brain cells.
  • Women who are suffering from menstrual problems then this asana can be very helpful in rectifying such kind of problems.
  • It helps in rectifying our blood as well as makes us feel better and peaceful.
  • It stimulates the process of spleen, kidneys, and liver.
  • It provides relief if an individual is suffering from constipation.
  • It is helpful in stimulating the process of kidneys, pancreas, and liver.
  • It is also helpful in stimulating the thyroid gland.

Cons of Chakrasana

  • Although there are no specific cons of this wheel pose there are some limitations and contradictions on it.
  • An individual who is suffering from cardiac ailment should avoid performing this asana.
  • The one who is suffering from high blood pressure problems also should avoid this position.
  • One should not attempt it if one is too tired, heart ailments, have weak arms or wrists, hypertension and during pregnancy.

Also one who has carpal tunnel syndromes should avoid this pose

Things you should know before attempting Chakrasana

  • Keep your face and shoulder relaxed, don’t put yourself in danger struggling to get the final position instantly.