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Residential Multistyle 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

This 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Pre-TTC) is for students who are new to yoga and have restricted time, Which is highly recommended who want to enhance their knowledge of yoga. We offer this training course in the first 2 weeks (1st semester) of the 200 Hours Teacher Training Course and students have the chance to finish the 200 Hours Teacher Training Course if they apply for the 2nd semester within 24 months of completing the 1st semester.

The students will be learning the yoga Alliance approved syllable about Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, the practice of yin yoga, pranayama, eight limbs of yoga, the anatomy of the chakras, Kriya, meditation, mantra chanting, yoga anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology.

We are a registered YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) school. Which approved for the further education of yoga for the beginners and advance yogis. This course is ideal for the students who would like to have a glimpse of yoga in a deeper way. With the desire to apply for 200 hours of yoga teacher training in the near future.

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Course Schedule

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program
Goa 02 February 23 to 15 February 23 Book Now
Goa 02 March 23 to 15 March 23 Book Now
Goa 2 October 23 to 13 October 23 Book Now
Goa 30 October 23 to 10 October 23 Book Now
Goa 27 November 23 to 08 November 23 Book Now
Goa 08 January 24 to 19 January 24 Book Now
Goa 05 February 24 to 16 February 24 Book Now
Goa 04 March 24 to 15 March 24 Book Now


100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Pricing
Shared Room €899
Private Room €1299
Vegetarian Meal, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included in the Yoga Training Fee (Mon to Fri and Saturday only breakfast)

Course Includes

  • 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Includes course manual, with Kriya pot (for cleaning process)
  • The pick up a taxi from airport (its complementary) vegetarian healthy 3 meals. (Monday to Saturday Morning).
  • Your choice of booking of accommodation clean rooms with attached bathroom

Curriculum Highlights

During the 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training, the student learns basis Asana, sun salutation in detail, with an awareness of alignment every morning, To bring balance in the physical body, The first week is Hatha yoga and the Second week is Vinyasa yoga, with every evening class and also the class of yin or restorative yoga. By looking at the personal anatomy of students, observing individual practice, we help students to improve the postures and alignments, Bringing mindfulness to the posture and breathing to improve a healthy lifestyle.

Breathing is Life. Due to stress and tension, many of us create dysfunctional breathing patterns. Working on different Pranayama practices, relaxes the muscle of the respiratory system, supplying oxygen to all the body parts and mind, creating the right way of breathing for physical and mental health. It is also important to have a correct breathing patterns during asana practice too.

During Philosophy we start with the yogic anatomy of chakra, Nadi in the first week, where one learns to connect to chakras and exercise to empower them. The second week we learn about the eight limbs of yoga sutra by Patanjali. It’s more like discussion and teaching on the philosophy of yoga, with freedom of sharing individual point of view towards yoga. It’s basically implementing yoga not only on the mat but in our daily life for balanced and healthy living.

The most important for the students when learning to be a teacher, we during our teacher training methodology, encourage them to observe the responsibilities of a yoga teacher. While explaining values, ethics and encourage them to see their potential. Every one involves during the class with playful exercises and learns to take care of students in the future when they will be leading a class.

We have practicum every week, so students slowly learn in small groups to teach each other, where their fear of speaking in front of a group goes away, the teacher observes and gives input at the end of the practicum, which helps them to improve their potential.

An important subject, where Students are explained with practical examples about each asana, explaining how to adjust with detailed instructions. When to have verbal, or physical adjustment.Where to focus during the class, how to deal with a student who has physical pain, and what kind of pain has to be completely avoided, which helps them to be a conscious teacher.