Lessons of Diwali – Message for Yoga Enthusiasts

diwali festival

Diwali Resolution – Relive with Yoga

Diwali is a celebration of euphoria, it’s a festival glorifying the end of evil, and an occasion of a new beginning.
In Hindu culture, Diwali is the start of a ‘New Year’, thus, Hindu New Year begins on the auspicious day of the ‘New Moon Night’, 15 days after the ‘Harvest Moon’.

// Hinduism is based on fundamentals of ‘religious practices, philosophical beliefs, cultural traditions, and customs influenced from mythologies’.

It believes in reincarnation, it worships supreme being in many forms, and above all guides its followers towards liberation from earthly evils.

Note from Author _ on Hinduism //

Yoga is a gift to mankind from ‘Hindu God – Lord Shiva’, one can say existence of yoga is correlated with existence of Hinduism. In many scriptures, classics, mythologies, folklores, and books of significance ‘Shiva is lauded as the first yogi’.
Shiva the yogi, ornamented self with beads of ‘Rudraksha’ embraced by snakes, armed with Trishul, serenade by Damru, and wearing a tiger skin ~ has a strong message to give.
The first amongst all yogi, teaches us to live in simplicity, be open to challenges, be determined to overcome obstacles, seek to discover self, and never give up.

Message from Lord Shiva – The First Yogi //

// these messages are also the very essence of yoga and yogic practices.

The first step of yoga is simplicity, the second step is to face the challenges of convincing the body, the third step is to overcome the obstacles of mind faced during yogic practices, and, lastly never to give up in the journey of self-discovery.
Adaptation of Shiva’s Message in Preaching Yoga //

Shiva taught the revelations of yoga to the seven saints, known as ‘Saptharishis’. The divine saints sat in eternal meditation, were the first to earn the badge of yogi, after successfully completion of yoga teacher training from ‘Lord Shiva’ himself.

The legacy of yoga was thus, carried forward down the ‘Ages’. During medieval period, the glory of yoga was lost in chaos of invasion, colonialism, revolution, and beginning of new Age. Until the start of ‘Aquarius Age’ yoga was not remembered.
The beginning of 20th century, witnessed the rise of yogis from India, thereby, preaching and spreading the knowledge of yoga around the world. In the 21st century, even medical science has believed in the holistic healing of yoga and its asanas.

// Diwali the auspicious festival of lights is beginning of New Year in Hinduism, we all set our resolution every ‘New Year’. This Hindu – New Year, take a resolution to learn, practice and stay happy with Yoga.

Diwali Resolution – Blissful Life //

Diwali is celebrated as the victorious return of ‘Lord Rama’ to the ‘Kingdom of Ayodhya’ with his consort ‘Goddess Sita’.
You should also return back to a disciplined lifestyle by joining yoga course. This will be your victory over the evils of stressful modern life.
Diwali is about celebrating the end of ‘King Ravana of Lanka’ by ‘Lord Rama’ in the fiercest battle.
You should also celebrate the end of ‘body weaknesses, mental stress, and perplexity of soul’ by starting yogic practices.
This Diwali give your-self a reason to start new; embark on a journey of peace; rationalize your fragile thoughts with strength of mind; and set your goal of healthy life with yoga.

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