First time coming to India?

First time coming to India?

It is obvious for all of us to feel scared and cautious when we travel to new places.

Travel to India for Yogawhen you are coming first time to India – it could be shocking, overwhelming and challenging at the same time. India is such a unique and multicultural place, it is a colourful country, it has all what nature has, himalayan mountains in North, Dessert in West, Ocean on its three sides and lots of forest in the east.

If you are coming as a traveller or a spiritual seeker to India for first time, below is some suggestions which will keep your travel easy, humourous with life time transforming experience.


  • BEFORE – if you are not Indian citizen you need visa for India, with valid passport of your country.[ please check with Indian embassy in your country ]
  • book a flight ticket, closer to the destination you would like to go to. {we have many airports in India, where international flights arrive }
  • important you go to your doctors and take advise for your journey, its a tropical country, better to be prepared than suffer later.
  • please check the weather in area you want to travel, and bring cloths according to weather, India is big country, it can have different weather in north to south.
  • ARRIVAL – Youcan always change a little bit of your money in to Indian Ruppies at airport, the exchange rate is very bad at airport. More money is better to change in the banks in the cities. You get better value of your currencies.
  • when you arrive at airport there is always prepaid taxis at airport, they are safer to travel to your hotel, make sure you get receipt for it.
  • You are coming as guest in India, so please take notice of the cultural difference and respect it. Indians are very warm hearted people, but in big cities you will find culprits and cheaters as everywhere in the world.
  • DRESS – Please dress appropriate in India, Indians are becoming modern and open-minded, but still there are parts of India which is backwards and orthodox, please take care where you are. If you are in goa you can enjoy the summer clothing and swimwear, it is modern and use to tourist since many years.
  • FOOD – India has a law hygiene standards, so if you are coming first time, better to watch out where and what are you eating, My suggestion is Not to eat uncooked food, it can contains germs which your stomach isn’t use to. Ice is dangerous in India, so better cold drinks or can juice than fresh juice with ice. if you feel like eating its tropical fruits, buy it yourself, wash it with clean water¬† and lemon, cut the skin away and than eat.
  • TRANSPORT – Now in big Indian city there is online cab available [e.g. ola, uber, sakhi, pink] if you are traveling from city to city, we have now cheap flights, if you want to experience country side of India, travel by train, better to book sleeper/seat with aircondition and if you are adventures and ready for challenge book without aircondition sleeper/seat. Also lots of government and private buses are available, you can book buses on
  • ACCOMODATION – there are many kind of accommodation you find. depends on your budget, you can do online booking for big hotels for a day or two, than arrive at the place and walk around and you will find better and cheap hotels, In Goa there is always so many places to find which are better than online hotels.
  • PEOPLE – Indians are very warm hearted, they are curious about other culture, and helpful, but as always there is another side of the coin too, If you are woman and traveling alone, please take care, if you meet Indian men first time, do not drink or smoke with them, because many might understand it as you are free mind woman and they can do whatever they want. Please do not hang around late night alone with someone you do not know and just met. we can not look inside a human being and find out what is in their mind. Get to know them first. It has lot to do with culture of India and misunderstanding about western culture because of movies, Internet and media. But that does not mean you have to be afraid all the time. just keep your sixth sense awake.
  • YOGA/MEDITATION/AYURVEDA – India is country of spiritual path, you will find many places for spiritual growth, choose carefully, what you want and what you need. if you are interested in yoga and meditation Goa is the booming place for the yoga schools, If you are interested in Ayurveda, Look in Kerala or chennai they are famous for that. Rishikesh is a place for transformation. Dharmshala in Himalaya is place where Buddhism has flourished.
  • TOURIST PLACES – If you are coming to India as tourist and want to see its heritage, Rajasthan is a must to visit, Khajuraho – temples of kamasutra in middle India is an amazing example of heritage of Indian spirituality ¬†where they express transformation thru the sexuality. Tajmahal on fullmoon is a unique experience . than there are many other places, like to chill out, Goa… for nature and jungle Bengal.


I hope this article has helped you enough to have your basic questions answered.

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