Four Yoga poses that can help in back pain and relief

Prolonged sitting may tighten your muscles and leads to back pain or disc injury. This is because we take our life for granted. In addition to bad seating postures, there are several more things which we do, and that results in back pain.

Specially now that we are all home because of lockdown.

We need to pay attention as temporary back pain may become permanent sooner or later. There are different yoga poses for back pain. Stretching improves blood circulation and helps to build perfect body postures.

The experts may help to prevent and cure the lower bank by practicing the perfect position.

Here are top few postures that help you to get relief from the body posture

1- Adho Mukha Svanasana: (Downward Dog Pose)

  • For abdominal muscle strength building, it is an essential pose. The posture in dog style offers a chance to repeal gravity and give an act on the spine.
  • The posture brings the abdominal part closer towards the spine and helps to get relieved from the back pain by straightening. It also strengthens the torso, and prevent from sciatica pain.
  • It is important to practice perfectly, so taking guidance from the yoga experts is essential.

2- Ustrasana:(Camel Pose)

  • It is a perfect pose for the beginner, which is effective for back pain. Through this exercise, you can open your front body.
  • This is perfect posture modification yoga for those who have dropped shoulders and benefits.

3- Utthita Trikonasana:(Extended Triangle Pose)

As most of us keep on sitting at work for a minimum of 8 hours, it is definite to get daily aches and back pains. It is a triangle like pose which helps to get relief from stress, and also improves digestion in addition to the back pain. This pose is also used for the flat feet people. A professional can help to face you and form perfect posture.

4- Viparita Karani:(legs up the wall pose)

If you practice this pose, it is the best way to relax. Legs up on the wall can be painful at the beginning, but sooner it starts to give relief and provide benefits.

Regular practice of the above-mentioned yoga postures may help you to improve spine healthFour yoga poses that can help in back pain and relief and body function.

Diya Yoga offers perfect yoga classes and helps you to relax and build perfect body postures. You can also be an expert yoga trainer by undergoing yoga training courses and hold a certificate.