Full Body Mountain Pose: How to do the pose and its Benefits

Full Body Mountain Pose: How to do the pose and its Benefits

Mountains pose which is known as Tadasana is basic asana for all standing positions. The standing pose Tadasana brings body in alignment, and mental balance. The accurate position of Tadasana helps to perform the all other standing postures and inversions like handstand and headstand.

It is a basic yoga posture which is an appropriate asana for people who are beginning because it aid to form immobility and mental balance, as it is the starting pose of many standing asanas.

One of the main advantages of Mountain poses is that it makes body muscles flexible. The accurate time of performing this beneficial yoga poses is when one finds that one’s yoga practice has become slightly forceful, if this pose is done in the middle of the yoga session, it will help to relax the body and rejuvenate it for next yoga asana.

This posture helps to achieve concentration and focus. It looks very easy but one needs to have total attention and awareness through body and breath.

How to do Tadasana properly  

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, equal bodyweight spread on both feet, raise kneecaps upwards. Engaging quadriceps to keep them active.
  • Tuck tail bone inwards, engaging pelvic muscles, stretch the spine straight, making it tall,
  • Opening the chest with the movement of the shoulder up and back, neck straight, head slightly upwards. Arms next to the body.
  • With deep inhale raise arms towards the sky above the head, palm facing each other, gaze can be between the arms or straight forward.
  • Stay in that pose for few breaths. Keep all the body engages in the pose.
  • To have variation one can bend little backward making a slight backband.

Various benefits of doing Tadasana Pose

  • Performing mountain pose helps in improving the respiratory system, nervous system, and digestive system properly
  • It will help to maintain the balance of your body and Mind
  • It is a grounding pose whenever one feels lost or to much in mind, doing this pose helps to come back to body and makes one grounded and clear in mind.
  • It strengthens the spine  and its flexibility, which eventually helps in improving your whole body postures
  • Doing regularly tadasana helps improve other standing poses
  • It also helps in correcting flat feet problem

Tadasana also is a resting pose during any intense standing asana practices, it is the most important pose as it is the starting pose of all other standing asana poses.