Hatha Yoga : A look into its exhilarating effects, and constructive healing from a perspective of a common

hatha yoga

Yoga is a mystic science, isn’t it! But, the mysticism that fails to help the masses actually fails to achieve its objective. So, today we will look into the core values of ‘Hatha Yoga’ and does it live up to the expectations of benefiting people.

Commoner View on Hatha Yoga:

This statement is a collective conclusion of interviewing people who started yoga for the first time.

“Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced forms of yoga and is often referred to basic yoga. It’s simple, slow placed style and because of this, it’s ideal for beginner.”

Commoners still find it difficult to discriminate between the different branches of yoga like ‘Hatha Yoga, Nidra Yoga, etc.’
They often have same perspective for every branch of yoga, and treat them as yoga in general.

Commoners View on Benefits of Yoga in General :

Note : These points mentioned as benefits are added by yoga students, enthusiasts and beginners. They have shared their experienced so far about yoga and its benefits.

Yoga benefits that increases or improves :

  • Yoga increases feeling of wellness and goodness within
  • It helps improve, increase and develop positive attitude
  • It has positive impact over energy levels
  • It increases memory attention and bring a positive change in mental output.
  • It increases level of concentration and focus
  • The essence of yoga is also helpful in enhancing social skills
  • It gives positivity to have self-acceptance
  •  Yoga brings flexibility in our body
  • Strengthening of muscles and organs are also an attribute of regular yoga practice

Yoga benefits that reduces or decreases :

  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety from our mind, body and nervous system
  • Yoga is potent medication for depression and tension
  • Yoga helps in decreasing sugar level and cholesterol level in our body
  • It is also effective in decreasing hyperthyroidism
  • It reduces body weight, and bring a balance in our body functioning
  • It reduces the pace of cell deterioration, which also increase longevity
  • It’s very effective in dealing with blood pressure, and often reduces it effectively
  • Yoga also is imperative as it reduces the complications of arthritis and decreases the pain therein
  • It reduces the muscle tension from your body

The benefits of yoga are numerous but one can only benefit from if they practice regularly. Then we started interviewing the ‘yoga guide, teachers, and yogis’ in regards to ‘hatha yoga’.
We wanted to explore the hatha yoga benefits from different sources.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga :

  • It’s known to assist the yoga practitioner in discovering the hidden physical and mental potential
  • Hatha yoga principle benefit is to develop a strong body and flexible muscles
  • It’s always known for unfolding energy channels, and it helps in spiritual energy to flow freely in one’s body
  • Hatha yoga is also good for providing massage to your internal organs and also tone your muscles from internally
  • It’s hatha yoga that harmonizes internal and glandular functions
  • Hatha yoga bring effective healing against stress, relieve tension, eliminate anxiety, and eradicate depression
  • It’s good for spiritual enlightenment

Commoners guide to ‘Hatha Yoga’…