Hatha Yoga – Perfect reason to be curious about knowing self

Hatha Yoga - Mountain

This yoga is famed amid every yoga enthusiast; and it wants us to focus on breathe.

Why breathe?

The wonder of Hatha yoga lies in our ability to control our breathing; thereby, bringing self – transformation in our life.

Yogic philosophy states – “The wandering of mind is neither calm, nor balanced; with every wander born is unsteadiness, and with unsteadiness your mind becomes chaotic”.

The mind wanders, with wandering of breathe and straying of inhale and exhale.
Therefore, in Hatha yoga the breath is controlled. As breathe is controlled, it calms the mind. The calming of mind brings composure in our actions.
In long run a still mind is attained; a still mind is doorway to strong body, positive emotions, healthy mind, and highly transcendence soul.
So, in short the Hatha yogic technique gives ‘a joyful, healthy, and long’ life to the yogi.

A Great Yogi once told: “Hatha Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, Asana as the arrow, and the soul the eternal target”.
In this quote lie the beauty, power, and significance of Hatha yoga from self – elevation point.

Truth of Human Life:
“Cure what need to be endured, and endure what cannot be cured…”
This mantra is the nucleus of ‘Hatha Yoga’. This yoga teaches us to worship our body, give time in its care, focus in its developing, and eradicates its weak aspects.

6 Wary Facts – Hatha Yoga Says No:

1.Overeating is never good for our health. It depletes our body. It leads to obesity, suffering from diseases, and endless quest for good health.

Therefore, we should rather focus on balanced diet, according to Hatha yoga principles.

2.Overexertion is a total waste of life saving vitality. It leads to wear and tear of body muscles, weaken the immune system, lower normal functioning of body organs, and leads to chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue is life taking, and can gives years of sufferings. Hatha Yoga aims at total flush out of fatigue from our body.

3.Useless Talk is destroyer of happiness in life. Unnecessary conversation can lead to wasting of energy, flow of negative emotions, and difference of views. Thus, it can bring stress, unhappiness, and lack of peace.

Peace is the first pre-requisite for human to progress in life. Absence of peace simply means no existence of happiness and an unstable mind. Hatha Yoga, therefore, focuses on fixity of mind.

4.Undisciplined Conduct often makes the mind wander. It’s not good for self – realization. Further, it leads to depreciation of good habits and positive qualities.

Hatha yoga, controls breathe, to control mind and bring sense of discipline in everything we do.

5.Bad Company is often a problem of bad choice, due to negative mindset. A negative mind always attracts negatives. The bad company can ruin our otherwise good life.

Hatha Yoga takes you through realizing inner self; it helps in to support which is strong and your own power is, discriminating what is unnecessary The yogic practice makes your mind firm to practice your real-self..

6.Restless Inconstancy
is sometimes the root cause of self – destruction. It can ruin your every bit of happiness. Often lead to panic attacks and irregularities in daily routine.

Hatha yoga soothes your mind, thus the restlessness is lost, and vigour of optimism is filled. Therefore, inconstancy is removed, and promptness is instilled.
Make your life better with yoga…