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Yoga Asanas And Their Immense Benefits

Yoga, asana is defined as various yoga postures, which practitioner performs for his well being. Every pose in yoga is performed differently and it brings specific benefits to the body. The dissimilarity of the pose can vary from simple to difficult, but the each asana has extensive benefits. The effect can be quite powerful when performed correctly. A regular practice makes you efficient and well trained. There are types of Asanas with different postures and particular benefits like some are for cleansing, others are for strengthening, relaxing, flexibility and for self confidence. However, others are in spiritual forms performed while meditating. For viewers’ knowledge, let’s take a look at few asanas and their benefit to the practitioner.

Ananda Balasana

The posture is beneficial for reducing the back pain and it is basically performed by lying down on the back and gripping the big toe of the foot with each corresponding hand. In this asana the hips, buttocks, inner thigh and back are all stretched. This posture can dramatically reduce the discomfort on the back. For those who are suffering from neck or knee problem can use a folded blanket to support the affected area


It is also referred as the corpse pose this asana is best performed to clear the respiratory system. In today’s world with hectic life people often seem to overburden them with stress. This position is best for reducing the anxiety or troubling thoughts once get due to stress. It is one of the first poses that beginners can learn. In order to carry forward this legacy of learning and teaching all the yoga asanas one can get best 200 hour yoga teacher training and impart the knowledge.


Also known as a boat pose it basically strengthen the abdomen, spine and hip. It also helps in smooth functioning of the kidneys, thyroid, intestines and the prostate gland. If practiced everyday it improves digestion and reduces stress. While performing the asana the body need to form in V-shape, while balancing on the buttocks and the legs and the back are lifted high.

Yoga is a valuable exercise that forms a great combination of your skill, interest and area of focus. As there are different types of yoga practices, it is very convenient for anyone to start. Now explore your limits by becoming a yoga trainer. It is one of the best ways to get in tune with your body and mind, so do not think twice to get enlisted under Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Goa for a course.