Hatha yoga and Yoga Nidra Yoga styles – The powerful way of living!!

You must be practicing the different postures or form of yoga but unaware of its name and origin detail. Here are two different yoga styles detail:

Hatha Yoga:

It is one such physical yoga posture which has power yoga like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa etc. The word Hatha Yoga is derived from the combination of two most eminent sources of nature Sun and Moon which means “Ha” and “Tha” respectively. It means willful and forceful balance. This is followed mainly to keep the body, mind and our spirit calm while mediating.  The deeper spirit relaxes and holds for the long poses that are for the proper human system alignment.

Through this body style, you learn your body mechanism and sustain the energy. You can experience a healthy life, think and feel better by blooming through all the possibilities. In Hatha Yoga, you learn about the different ancient powerful practices like:

  1. Upayoga: Activates the muscles, joints, and energy system to rejuvenate the entire body
  2. Angamardana: Perfect for mental and physical fitness to reach peak
  3. Surya Kriya: 21 Steps wellness and health antiquity posture that creates wellbeing
  4. Bhuta Shuddhi: The way to purify 5 elements of the body
  5. Yogasanas: Making body postures for mind, energy and emotions stabilization

Yoga Nidra:

Getting failed to sleep or happing a restless nap? You must not be aware of the Yoga Nidra, it’s an effective way of well-rested sleep than the conventional sleep.  Mostly beneficial for the ladies it is a perfect substitute were after practicing this asana one can feel that the yogic sleep of 45 minutes is equal to the regular sleep of 3 hours.

While falling asleep the entire body gets relaxed but if it not fully relaxed than in an increasing way it becomes difficult to carry the daily lifestyle and because of which the body starts tiring and health disorders start. The Yoga Nidra is a stage between waking up and sleeping which is the stage to go to sleep. Here the body gets relaxed completely and the inner world is explored, it is best done when followed by the instructed voice.

Give the complete power to access your daily life by joining or practicing the Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Diya Yoga classes in Goa retreat you by making your stay in a comfort zone and you get an immense power to carry your life.