Knowing the immense Benefits and posture of Virabhadrasana variation


For all who are into yoga should be aware of the beauty and the wonderful benefits of Virabhadrasana variations yoga pose.

Among all the poses in yoga, Virabhadrasana is considered one of the most beneficial poses which not only helps in body stretching but also helps in building up strength. Its a grounding pose also used a lot in vinyasa sequence.

The positioning of warrior position

  1. Stand straight and open legs wide approximately 3-4 feet.
  2. Move your right foot out by 90 degrees and left foot in by about 15 degrees.
  3. Make sure that the heel of the right foot aligned to the center of the left foot.
  4. Lift both arms sideways and make sure that they are parallel to the ground and at the height of your shoulders.
  5. Bend your right knee while breathing out.
  6. Turn your head towards right and keep breathing while you go down with your pelvis.
  7. Now breathe in while you come up and breathe out while you bring your hands down.
  8. Repeat the same for the left side.

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Benefits of Virabhadrasana

There are many benefits for different positions of yoga but if talked specifically we can list some pros of the posture as follows.

  1. Strengthen arm, lower back, and shoulders.
  2. Improve body balance and increase in stamina.
  3. Beneficial for those who have desk jobs
  4. Helps in recovering from frozen shoulder
  5. Brings peace and confidence in self.

Though this position is very helpful but is also said to be done only after a recommendation from your doctor because in some cases of spinal problem and high blood pressure patients it may cause some side effects. So if you are into yoga and looking for postures worth for, you should give it a try.