India the Land of Origin of Yoga – Gateway to the Retreat of Health & Wisdom

India since time immemorial has contributed towards advancement of civilization.

Its glimpses are imprinted everywhere in world history…

Be it invention of numeric digit ‘Zero’ or be it ‘Ayurveda’ the holistic healing; the Indian civilization of past has done immensely for uplifting humanity. One of its glorious contributions is the ‘Yoga’.

Yoga is a system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body, mind, and soul.

Extract of Irony:

“The irony of India is even no bigger war has been completed without India, be it both the ‘World Wars’. In the list of martyrs ‘Indian Soldiers’ remained at the top spot. But, India never led to the start of any war; both the ‘World Wars’ were fought under ‘British India’.

India at the same time gave birth to the apostle of ‘Peace’ – Mahatma Gandhi. He is regarded in every corner of the world, and so are his teachings of non – violence. He truly represented Indian values of tolerance, peace, unity, and brotherhood in International diaspora. Gandhi was an ardent follower of yoga and its asanas.”

For a moment, we deviated from the path of yoga, to India’s bigger role on international platform from many centuries.

Coming back to yoga and its origin; also picking its retreat of being healthy!

Yoga is no exception; today the world, be it ‘West’ or ‘Europe’ or the ‘United Nation’ is giving complete respect to this science of healing. In fact 21st June every year is now celebrated as ‘World Yoga Day’. It was announced by ‘United Nation General Assembly’ in the year 2016. The idea was proposed by ‘India’ at ‘UN – General Assembly’; which was unanimously accepted by member nations.

India a Global Yoga Ashram:

When you escape to the beautiful, unexplored, and untouched destinations of India, a holy land where yoga was born, you end up discovering many new lost parts of self.

Isn’t yoga the most beautiful way to discover India’s magic!

India for West is a land of diversity; but if you are in search of self – realization, then India is the land where the search for enlightenment is in the air. So, in West yoga students knows its value, and a trip to India will go beyond sightseeing.

It will be a sacred yoga journey of ‘activating your chakras, strengthening your body muscles, controlling the emotions of mind, and connecting to your soul’.

Journey to India, thus can be your conquest of yoga, gaining of sacred knowledge of yogic practices, learning the art of meditation, deepening your yoga mastery, starting calmly towards your holistic healing, and undertaking a spiritual adventure.

Yoga vacation to India, the land of origin of yoga will doubtlessly make you healthy, man or woman of wisdom, and a certified yoga teacher spreading the 5000 years old art of healing.

Retreat Info:

The best retreats to practice yoga according to scripture are set in the hills, flowing rivers, and soothing breeze from the sea. The yoga retreat in Goa, yoga retreat in Rishikesh is considered to be the best for learning or practicing yoga, while discovering India.

In fact Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world.