An Insightful Plunge into the Facts and the Benefits of Yoga Nidra


The phrase ‘Yoga Nidra‘ itself refers to the central thought of the matter. In this, ‘Yoga’ refers to the famous ancient spiritual practice in India and the other term ‘Nidra’ refers to ‘sleep’. Generally, we know that sleep is meant for the relaxation of the body and the mind. This Yogic practice is also especially meant for the relaxation of the soul so that it can revive us with the wide ranges of energies undermine inside the body.

  • The associated facts of Yoga Nidra

This practice is a matter of knowledge, training, and dedication. Therefore, it needs proper guidance to attain its positive aspects.

  • Though we can have mental relaxation by listening to music, this practice is somehow different from having the only relaxation. Relaxation refers to a state of body and mind for the time being. But the practice of Yoga Nidra can provide mental peace as well as long as we keep practicing.
  • It provides a sense of spirituality that helps in the purification of the inner self.
  • In the traditional form, this practice needs the posture of lying down on the back keeping the spine, hands and the legs in the straight position.
  • Along with this, we have to close the eyes to start the relaxing position.
  • There would be no tightness in any of the limbs in the body.
  • The mind has to be concentrated and before starting the procedure, rather the mind would be blank from any kinds of thoughts. That is because only the blank minds can bring spiritual awareness beyond the sense of bodily existence and its limitations.

The prime intention of this practice

The main intention of this practice is to attain the following matters-

  • To attain the spirituality and the existence of the Almighty.
  • It helps to attain mental health and thus the physical wellness.
  • It helps to gain the mental and physical relaxation that happens to heal many chronic diseases as well.
  • This practice helps to increase the ability to think and also develops the quality of thoughts.
  • This practice will awaken the ability of the internal organs, which cannot be treated externally.

Due to all these benefits, the practice of the Yoga Nidra is quite welcomed among the people. It is proven to be quite helpful to face the stress and depression of the modern lifestyle.