Learn Some Effective Yoga Postures to Deal with Arthritis


Arthritis has become a common problem at this present time. It is the bone problem that often loses their mobility by causing stiffness and tremendous pain in the joints. There are treatments for this disease in medical science that also has side effects on the other parts of the body. So, many patients prefer to practices Yoga. These Yoga poses for Arthritis patients can be the better option to treat and get relief from the pain effectively.

How does Yoga help in dealing with Arthritis?

The main problem with Arthritis is the swelling and stiffness of the bone parts and joints in the body. It causes the drying mobility gel on the bone joints that causes a lack of blood circulation into the required cells eventually. Some particular Yoga poses for Arthritis patients help in the proper blood circulation that ultimately gives back the desired mobility to some extent and reduces the tremendous pain and restricts the further development of the disease.

Please make sure to use props if you have severe pain in the body.

The poses that facilitate arthritis patients:

Here are the Yoga postures to deal with the uneasiness of the disease.

  1. Micro exercise This exercise is to deal with joint pains from Arthritis. In this posture, you move your neck, wrist, elbow, shoulders, your ankles, knees hips in circular movements slow and with awareness, which will create the blood flow in this area and move the stiffness away.

This will warm up joins of the body and it will be easy for you to do yoga poses.

  1. Sun Salutation posture This posture is to deal with back pain from Arthritis. In this posture,

you should join your palms near your chest. Then slowly extend the hands above the head in the same position and bend backward, keeping the legs and knees straight. Take a deep breath and come back to the normal state.

  1. Standing twist posture Standing in a samasati pose. Have your both arms parallel to your shoulders wide open. Then slowly turn towards the right side while exhaling breath, have some breath there and then do the same to the left side. Which will make your spine more flexible
  1. Sitting posture  It could be difficult for the arthritis patient to sit on the floor, so please use the chare for this pose. Sitting on a chair where the body can be straight. Then allow your self to come to the forward band, slowly with exhale. Stay there for some breaths. Do it 2 or 3 times.
  1. Supine posture Laying on your back straight on the mat, bring your knees towards your chest, pawanmuktasana, than slowly bring it back, this is beneficial for the digestive system and your knees joint. do this couple of times.
  1. The Bridge Posture It is especially useful in dealing with the pains on the waist and back portions of the body. First of all, lie down straight on the ground and slowly fold your legs, keeping the heels flat on the ground with the straight flat palms on both sides of the body. Then slowly raise your buttock and waist upwards and stay in the positions for a few breaths.
  1. The Child’s posture This posture is effective in dealing with Arthritis on lower back and knees. You should put the bums on the heels folding the toes while stretching your hands on the grounds keeping the two knees apart. Then slightly touch your forehead on the ground.

Practicing Yoga regularly keeps a person fit. There are different Yoga poses for Arthritis patients that help effectively in the flexibility of the body and improving body postures. Diya Yoga has its certified Yoga center in Goa, who offers certified yoga teacher training.


  • Please make sure to use props if you have severe Arthritis pain in the body.
  • Please check with your physician before doing any advanced yoga poses.