How to Do Yoga Nidra at Home During Lockdown

Yoga Nidra is an art of relaxation which keeps you healthy and helps you to stay relaxed. The COVID -19 pandemic period has changed the lifestyle of everyone. This changed lifestyle has bought the rise in stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Asana and Yoga Nidra have plenty of benefits. Additionally, it helps to stay calm and sleep well.

This continuous pandemic period has increased the flow of negative energy because of scarcity and day-to-day news. Staying at home for such a long time is a mentally challenging task but thanks to the digitalization, which helped us to stay connected to our friends and family.

Since Yoga Nidra is known as a stress relief booster for ages, it helps us to stay calm. Here is a straightforward Yoga – Yoga Nidra, which helps you to remain calm and grounded during Lockdown.

Quarantine Yoga:

Yoga is a perfect practice for physical and mental care and suits entirely for the quarantine period. Yog Nidra is the most powerful technique of Yoga which gives you relaxation. Practicing daily for 20 minutes is helpful. Now you can practice Yoga Nindar online by the help of the online Yoga classes offered by Diya yoga.

Yoga Nidra: A deep sleep

A knowledge of Yogic sleep- meditation which is immensely powerful, simple to learn. In this, the practitioner rests in savasana, and you go through the five layers of self-meditation, leaving you with a sense of peace, and wholeness and recharges you for daily life.

Powerful and Simple

Practicing Yoga Nidra rightly has incredible benefits to your body, mind, and soul. It keeps you relaxed, anxiety-free and brings a change in mental strength which helps you to experience peace. It brings a change with positivity and helps to give productive output.
Yoga Nidra teaches the art of stress relief and helps to stay relaxed. During this Lockdown the routined life has been imbalanced, and people sleep improperly. It is because they have multiple thoughts and energies coming from all the sides, moreover now restricted traveling doesn’t make the persons tired. For stability during your life, you can exercise regularly and practice Yoga Nindra. This will add meditation in your life and may also allow you to teach others how to practice Yoga Nidra.

Lockdown gives a perfect opportunity to learn and practice with comfort at your place. Diya Yoga is a yoga center based in Goa who has more than 15 years of experience. Now you can get trained online and stay relaxed by practicing “Yog Nidra”