Make your holiday fit by 5 yoga styles


Yoga is a method to work on flexibility and strength of body as well as the mind. In today’s busy schedule, everybody is stressed with the problems of everyday life. The holidays can evoke a sense of magic and wonder. Those of us who have long outgrown with the household chores and service life can easily opt for an affordable holiday tour. Practicing yoga not only makes you immune to it but also improves your overall health.

We work hard to stay in shape. We eat healthy foods. We hit the gym several times a week. We get bored with the same old routine. Could yoga and holiday bring a variety that spices up your boring daily life? Still, when seasonal stressors make life particularly hectic, regular practice of yoga can be relaxing, and often provide us with much-needed space and perspective in the midst of a festive frenzy.

Here are few steps to incorporate yoga into the holiday

  1. The Habit of morning Practice

Keeping a regular appointment with your Yoga mat early morning can be a good idea during the holidays. It serves as a source of energy and empowerment. Regular asana sessions help us to feel happier, calmer, and confident.  Try different poses early morning which will energize your spine.

  1. Spend a few Minutes a Day

In your mind, commit to just a few minutes of yoga practice. Spread your mat and practice for just a few minutes. The chances are that once you are on your mat you will get into the flow and keep going.

  1. Practice Outside

If you are going for a holiday in warmer climes, you can easily practice outside like in a balcony or on the beach, which is a fantastic opportunity to be at one with nature while you practice. Beautiful scenery and the natural sounds of the outdoors will enhance your practice and your mind. If you are practicing early in the morning or at dusk, don’t forget mosquito repellent.

  1. Carry a Travel Yoga Towel on holiday

Buy a travel yoga mat or a light-weight yoga towel. Much lighter than your yoga mat, a yoga towel can be popped into your beach. Buying the right yoga towel also means that you have as much room in your suitcase for shoes as you need because it takes a small space in your bag.

  1. If you are traveling, Scope out practice space as soon as you arrive.

Decide your surroundings to find the most suitable space for your practice. Decide your meditation seat or roll out your yoga mat. Arrange your meditation seat or lay out your yoga mat (or at the very least, just keep the rolled up mat). In this way, you will have a continual reminder each day to facilitate your personal practice.

When we go for a holiday, our health and fitness routine can go horribly off the line from daily life schedule. Sunlight, heavy food and full of action family time, can all affect fitness goals.

So you can follow the above ways to incorporate Yoga into holidays which help your practice carried out smoothly without interfering with your fun.